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Tactics Engine
Author: Otter Submitted: 14th September, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 264

Edited By Wiiman on 9/14/2008

My engine is finally finished! This a Tactics engine, which is a style of RPG where it plays like a board game. The random movement was made by Ricky. There are a LOT of counters in this. There is 4 for each character, a turn counter, a directional counter, and 2 counters to determine if the Dragon is surrounded. The characters elevation will rise and lower depending on where they stand. The energy count works a bit different than you might expect. Every time it's the knight's turn, instead of setting it to 7, it adds 7. So if you don't move a turn, you'll have more energy the next. You can also do attacks that might cost you energy, or damage you're opponents energy. Anyway, I hope this works! Please tell me about any bugs!

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Posted by Otter 14th September, 2008

The download should be fixed now.
Posted by Falcon Eaglehawk 22nd September, 2008
Rated :

Xbox dragon? Is that some kind of offense...?

Stupid emoticons... ... very clever...
Comment edited by Turrican on 9/22/2008
Posted by Otter 25th September, 2008

Can someone rate this by how it plays, not by how it offends them?





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