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Luigi's Themepark(Paper Mario) Open Source
Author: Otter Submitted: 14th November, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Turn-based Strategy Downloads: 182

This is for open source month

This a possibly abandonware project for open source month. Well, I think it's abandonned, I haven't touched it for like 4 months. Yet when I turned it on this morning and played up to the boss that doesn't work, I was like "Wow! This plays nice! I should finish this for Next Gen Compo 2!"

My first game ever was Luigi's Themepark. Martin Bodger played the original long while back, he says it was terrible ;_; even for a first game...

This was going to be the beginning of the remake for NGC2. Anyway, I still think it plays really nice, and I'm sure people can get some use from the RPG battle system, especially if you're making a Paper Mario game. In this remake I decided to make it play like Paper Mario.

Have fun I guess, and tell me what you think.
Who knows, I might even find enough incentive to continue work on this project

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Posted by OMC 15th November, 2009

Keep going! I love Paper Mario and there aren't near enough fan games for the series.
Posted by Otter 15th November, 2009

Wow! Thanks! How does it play though?
Posted by OMC 15th November, 2009

It could use some tweaking, but you're headed in a good direction! Particularly the moving platforms. When you jump to a new one, your jump automatically adjusts velocity to match the new platform.

Also the battle didn't work quite right, but I only went into it once. I got stuck when the dialogue kept repeating itself and I quit at that point.
Posted by Otter 16th November, 2009

Okay. The final frame, tilted Goomba Battle, just like all of the battles, is the bug free battle frame. When I adjusted some of the cloned versions of it for the early goomba battles, I must have broke the action slection somehow. I'm looking into that, but playing the last frame by press play frame works just fine, plus it has a lot of items on that frame.
Posted by Airflow 1st December, 2009

as much as i'd like to see it completed (so i can play it) i think this project is too big for you.

your game would be more like a tribute to paper mario than a paper mario game. but if you don't mind making that, go for it. i don't know of many paper mario fan games really, and the world needs paper mario. help planet earth!





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