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Tales of Omansu
Author: Otter Submitted: 20th April, 2012 Favourites:0
Genre: Turn-based Strategy Downloads: 55

Edited By Wiiman (Evan) on 4/25/2012

In TOO you play as Mazzik, a brash delivery boy who answers to nowone, including his boss! You are ordered to ship a mysterious package to Picazzi Village, on a Saturday to boot! Before leaving, your boss, Jack, gives you a deck of 20 cards and simply says not to underestimate them. After using your advanced knowledge of global warming (huh?), you accidently get lost in the mines. While in the mines you learn the power of the cards Jack gave you; they allow the user to use the power described on them. Now you must find your way out of these mines, only to be lost again, and try to find your way to wherever it was you were going!

Keep in mind this is just a beta. I am fully focused on my project 'Vagabond PI' and have little to no time for this. I just happened to be going through my files, found this old MFA and thought, hey this is pretty cool actually.

Also, THE 'ENTER' MENU DOES NOT WORK PROPERLY, SO DON'T USE IT! I also realize the difficulty is a little high, this is because the level up system has not been implemented. You'll have to use more strategy this way, once you get the hang of the card game system you'll be able to start forming better strategies. Have fun!

Now open sourced!

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Posted by nivram 24th April, 2012

Oh, I thought it would be an mfa so we could correct the bugs. You said you found an old mfa in your files. Any chance for the mfa?

Posted by Otter 24th April, 2012

Oh I hadn't thought of doing an open source, but I can certainly do that. Honestly, I just wanted to get this out there for anyone who might enjoy it. But yeah I'll upload an MFA of the file as soon as I get home
Posted by Otter 25th April, 2012

Alright here's the .MFA=

Feel free to DC Mail me if you fix any bugs or such. If you wanna comment on the gameplay or rate the download, you can comment on here, thanks!
Posted by Yai7 27th April, 2012

look disgusting.
Posted by Otter 27th April, 2012

It looks like NastyMan





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