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Massacre: Experimentation Mode
Author: Otter Submitted: 6th February, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 272

Edited By Wiiman on 2/7/2009

Massacre: Experimentation Mode is an entry into the minigame compo.

MEM features 15 weapons that are used in the upcoming game semi-survival horror Massacre. Each weapon varies a lot from the next. You cannot see the real power of each weapon though because they're only basic enemy's in this. There is no real challenge, but it's fun to blow the hell out of 100 or so enemies. Plus it's good for stress release!

The weapon categories are:
Pistol Machinegun Shotgun Rifle Secret Weapons

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Posted by traugott.simon 7th February, 2009

Some suggestions, as long as i dont know, which improvements you are about to make: A dieing animation would be nice. It looks awful when the enemy is just replaced by a little spot of blood.
Well animations in general would be cool....
Do you create an ai for your enemys? Because this "basic enemy" isnt really fun to me
I like the arsenal of weapons but mayby they are a little too much? 5 or 6 would be enough in my opinion.
The graphics are really good. with some improvements this could become a great game. But as you say you are in experimentation mode, so i`m looking forward

Posted by Otter 7th February, 2009

Thanks for the feed back. I didn't make any real AI, I just set them to bouncing ball and had them always look in your direction. The reason for so many weapons is that they'll be upgrades you buy on the last one usually. Like the desert Eagle, is an upgrade of the Mauser. Since these enemies all have the same health, you can't see the power increase though.
Posted by traugott.simon 8th February, 2009

yes i know its just a bouncing ball enemy. the question is, will there be an AI?
Posted by Otter 8th February, 2009

Yes, depending on the area. For an area like this it will be simple AI like this. But in areas such as the ruins it'll be more complex. Plus I only included basic enemies in this, if I included the spear throwers and the priest it would have been a little bit different. But for these open rainforest areas, I beleive I'll just simple bouncing ball.(Plus I had to be able to have 100s of enemies at once.)
Posted by sunraider3 14th February, 2009
Rated :

nice! i tottaly disagree with traugott. do not listen to him! the more weapons the better!!!!!!

Posted by Otter 15th February, 2009

Thanks for the rating. I agree with you on the weapons thing, but I kinda gotta agree with Traugott on the AI...
Posted by Trooper_959 15th March, 2009
Rated :

Hey its really cool. i like the weapons system. i cant believe i didnt notice this game until now





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