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Slaughter Remake: Abandonware File
Author: Otter Submitted: 17th June, 2010 Favourites:0
Genre: Abandoned Downloads: 154

Edited By Wiiman on 6/19/2010

Edited By Wiiman on 6/17/2010

Slaughter was an old game I made back in October of 2008. Earlier this year, I decided to remake it. Yet my low attention span preventing me from finishing it... It's still a very solid overhead shooter I beleive, and it has an inventory based on RE4 that I think is really cool and you don't see enough of in click games. The inventory isn't completely finished though, some basic stuff needs done like collision detection on the selection square. With my interest in game creation slowly subsiding, I'll think I'll let you guys have this peice of my history. The original finished game, which is terrible compared to this remake abandonware, can be found here.
And one last thing, I realize Resident Evil 5 ended up being fairly similair to Slaughter with shooting insane people from Africa and suff, but the original Slaughter was actually released before Resident Evil 5, so I didn't copy their idea or anything

Use WASD to walk around
Click to shoot
Press space to use your knife and pick up items

Press Enter to open/close your inventory, use WASD to move the weapon selector around, press space over the weapon you want to equip it, and pick it up. Press space again to put it down. Press Ctrl spin the weapon around in your inventory case. Press Enter again when you want to close your weapon case.

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Posted by Otter 20th June, 2010

If that file doesn't work, the exe compiled file is right here for play.





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