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MMX: Maverick Wars Demo
Author: Otter Submitted: 2nd January, 2011 Favourites:0
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Edited By Wiiman on 1/12/2011

Mega Man X: Maverick Wars is a turn based RPG(Role Play Game) based on the world of Mega Man. It takes place at the end of the Mega Man X Series and 100 years before Mega Man Zero.

The battle system functions similair to Mario & Luigi where you press Space to jump out of the way. When fighting aerial enemies you have to jump and then press space in air to shoot them. Keep in mind that Zero cannot harm Aerial enemies even with his buster.

The game also plays like a traditional Mega Man game. When you're out of battle you jump, walk, and climb around like on Mega Man X. But if you shoot or collide with an enemy, you will enter a battle with them.

This is just a demo so the level system and the energy crystal system is not in effect. There is one boss and two playable characters, along with two stages. Have fun!

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