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Pixels and Oversized Guns
Author: Codemonkey Submitted: 4th October, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Shoot 'Em Up Downloads: 200

Edited By -Codemonkey- on 10/4/2008

Edited By -Codemonkey- on 10/4/2008

Pixels and Oversized guns is my first compo entry that I'm actually happy to submit! It's a retro platform shooter with 3 different weapons you can switch between (I'll let you find out what they are), a good amount of baddies, a highscore, and whatnot. Everything is made by me, including the music and sounds. It's only 5 levels long but should give you about 15 minutes of enjoyment/frustration. By the way, the name is just something I came up with at the last minute, so ignore that please.


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Posted by Jon C-B 4th October, 2008
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dang... this game is HARD!!!!!!!
Posted by Jon C-B 4th October, 2008
Rated :

I give it 3 star
Posted by Bibin 4th October, 2008

I dunno, this is a pretty close match!
Posted by Codemonkey 4th October, 2008

Pretty close indeed, it could go either way pretty easy. I'm gonna pee my pants waiting for the results.
Posted by OMC 4th October, 2008
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Jou stole my word. "Whatnot" is mine. >:|

Just kiddin' with ya.
Posted by Ski 4th October, 2008

How do I turn computers on? O_o Nothing tells me...
Posted by OMC 5th October, 2008
Rated :


Nice one.
Posted by erghhhhx 5th October, 2008

lokos pretty cool i dowload ehe llater after tomorow
Posted by erghhhhx 5th October, 2008

This is WAY too hard. =/

Looks/Sounds nice though..
Posted by Marko 5th October, 2008

Downloaded, played, loving it! Will rate later after i've played it some more. Very challenging though, which i like!
Posted by -Nick- 7th October, 2008

I honestly can't figure out how to play this

I almost die straight away when i fall down the tunnel!
Posted by Codemonkey 9th October, 2008

Thanks for the reveiws!
Comment edited by -Codemonkey- on 10/10/2008
Posted by 3kliksphilip 11th October, 2008

Codemonkey, why don't you spend your time making better games? I mean, COAL was good- very good. What has happened since then? They all seem to be 2 hour projects. I'm just saying that you are capable of more.
Posted by Codemonkey 11th October, 2008

Er.... It's for a compotition! I made it in two weeks!
Posted by Marko 12th October, 2008

I guess that answers that question then! 3kliksphilip is right though; Coal is very good. I am looking forward to trying to finish the full version when it is finished.






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