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Author: Codemonkey Submitted: 26th May, 2009 Favourites:0
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Z - Jump
X - Lay landmine
Press Z in the air at the right time to dive
Press Z super fast if you are getting attacked by a zombie (You'll turn red when being attacked)

Basic info:
Waddle back and forth, laying land mines and killing as many zombies with them as possible, while trying not to get damaged by them yourself. Grab the falling color changing squares to get upgrades.

Blue: Extra mine
Red: Extra bombs
Yellow: Extra health

Bombs are pieces of shrapnel that fly out of mines and explode to cause even more damage!

Watch out for "disasters". Each one has some way to tell its happening in time to avoid getting damaged, so pay attention!

Music made with musagi
Sound effects made with sfxr
Musagi and sfxr made by Dr.Petter
Dr.petter made by his mom

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Posted by OMC 27th May, 2009

Ah, codemonkey it hurts my eyes. >_< Turn off the bold.

Fun game.
Posted by alastair john jack 27th May, 2009

You're not allowed to use bold! I'm telling the teacher on you!
Posted by Cecilectomy 31st May, 2009
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you broke it.

no contents in archive. archive is either an unknown format or corrupt.

fix plz

edit: pretty please?
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Posted by erghhhhx 1st June, 2009
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Yeah... I wanna plej izz.
Posted by Codemonkey 2nd June, 2009

<br />

<br />
Download now!
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Posted by erghhhhx 3rd June, 2009
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Awesome game, though it doesn't last that long.
Posted by Codemonkey 3rd June, 2009

It does if yo pro.

I lasted 12 minutes once. J_J
Posted by Cecilectomy 4th June, 2009
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pretty awesome but i dont like that your bombs hurt you or you can place a bomb when enemies are touching you. i find myself diving away from a bomb and right into some zombies only to be helpless.

online high scores would be nice as well.
Posted by Marko 22nd June, 2009
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Very nice - tight controls, awesome retro sound effects that compliment the groovy (retro word, you understand) graphics and a pretty unique gaming premise. Good work Mr. Monkey!

BTW, love the Shady Pixels animation
Posted by SortaCore 5th July, 2009
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Most excellent!
I got 6514 on it, higher than CM himself
very addictive, even caught myself just listening to the sound on WMP.
Some bugs though, but who gives a shizzle, I would pay good money for this game.
Posted by Codemonkey 7th July, 2009

Thanks for all the good stuff said!





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