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Knight's Quest RPG Beta Build 1
Author: BigAl0104 Submitted: 30th September, 2023 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 104

Edited By BigAl0104 on 29/10/2023

This is Beta Build 1 of the game. More beta builds to come in the future.

In a far away land, there exists a kingdom called Damonia. In it, lives a king known an King Dederic, and his beautiful daughter, Princess Amelia. She is desperate into wanting to marry a special someone, so when the news broke on the other side of the land, an evil wizard named Karlov hears about the princess wanting to get married. Karlov plans to capture the princess, and bring her back to his lair so he ends up marrying her. It is now up to Knight Richard to travel across the land to Karlov's lair, and rescue the princess.

Throughout the game, you will fight all kinds of monsters in a turn based RPG battle system. Defeat enemies, level up your stats, buy items and equipment, everything you need to progress further to reach Karlov's lair.

- Controls -
Movement Type A: WASD
Movement Type B: Arrow Keys

- Miscellaneous Controls -
Shift: Interact with things
TAB: Options and inventory
Mouse: Point and click buttons
ESC: Exit Game

Be sure to check up on the game's progress here:

Any questions or concerns, please visit my website:


Game by BigAl0104
Created in Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Sprites created in Clickteam's built-in image editor

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Posted by Ambrion 2nd October, 2023
Rated :

Hey, I remember the last time I played this and had a huge blast making rapid progress. I will give this build a shot and hopefully report back if I see anything that needs to be polished for the finished product!

I've always liked demolishing simple turn-based RPGs like this one, so this is just the game for me





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