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Halloween Rush
Author: BigAl0104 Submitted: 29th October, 2023 Favourites:3
Genre: Action Downloads: 55

Edited By BigAl0104 on 12/04/2024

This game was made for the 2023 Halloween Boss Battle Game Jam!

Poster created by TheComicalMelon

It's the Halloween season once again, and little Billy is going trick-or-treating. After going through house to house for candy, he stumbles upon a mysterious house with an old man living there. He tells Billy about these magical candies known as the 4 Mystical Candies and that with every single one you eat, you get granted one wish.

Meanwhile, a scientist kid named Franken heard the news that Billy got a hold of the 4 Mystical Candies, so he sends four of his monster minions (which are based off classic monster movies) into the neighborhood in search of Billy. While Billy was walking through the neighborhood park, Franken's monsters came out of nowhere, gave Billy a good scare, and take the candy from him. With his state of the art Turf Dart Gun, it's up to Billy to go after those monsters and recover the 4 Mystical Candies. Are you up for the task?

Arrow Keys: Move
Z: Jump
X: Shoot weapon
C: Change weapon
(You can change the controls by pressing Ctrl + Y, click on the check mark on Keyboard for Player 1, and change the keys to your liking. If you have a controller connected, you can click on the Joystick 1 box for Player 1.)

Any questions or concerns, please visit my website:


Game by BigAl0104
Created in Clickteam Fusion 2.5
Sprites created in Aseprite. Additional graphics created in Adobe Photoshop

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  (7mb )

Posted by Robert123 30th October, 2023
Rated :

I like how it plays but its very hard, luckily i have a controller with turbo mode. The boss sequences are interesting, graphics are nice and sound is good.
Posted by BigAl0104 30th October, 2023


Thanks for playing! Yeah I guess I have a thing for making hard games.
Posted by Ambrion 4th November, 2023
Rated :

Sorry if I'm late again (Ironically, this became my thing haha), but I've beaten your game! It's a very decent boss rush competitor. Even though it didn't take me that much (I managed to beat it today), I did find the challenge to be fun; I enjoyed every second of each boss. The way you made the final boss transition in the style of Castlevania is a nice touch and very fitting for the occasion. I generally like Castlevania a lot, so I was smiling all the way through (Legends say that same smile is not leaving my face)

The replay value after the first boss is there, and it makes sense because that's the only way to buy more guns AND to upgrade your health properly! So congrats for making it work as intended.

The weapon by choice has always been the last in the slot, it doesn't take any time to charge at all and it feels like a max upgrade to everything you were previously armed with when I use it. And you still ARE armed with what you previously used, just that it's up to you what should be the weapon of your choice.

More on the final boss, the entrance is interesting. You don't get to face him immediately, instead you go inside the house to blast off all the enemies in your way which consist of invincible ghosts (Yes, you can't do any harm to them), pumpkins with projectiles and goos that can harm you when they spread after they die. Obviously there's some platforming involved, and it's not terribly long because of the well made platforming engine. Man, you really got a knack for controls!

Now finally reaching the dastardly kid who invited you over to his home; he didn't invite you over for nothing! It can get tricky when he spawns the same invincible ghost from the side (Since the ghost only moves from one side to the other in a wavy sort of movement pattern), and when the side projectiles make you time your jumps, but other than that, it's possible when you take note of each of his projectiles. The easiest projectiles to avoid are the blue aiming ones. However, the falling arrow ones are dreading!

The ending made me laugh, and I suppose anyone who's beaten this game before ME had a good laugh finding out what little Billy truly wished for.

Props to you for this wonderful Halloween contender. It's only a shame I couldn't hop in sooner, but hey, it's never too late for klikking!
Posted by BigAl0104 5th November, 2023


Hey you're never late to play anything. Besides, the game won't go anywhere, it will forever have a home here on TDC. Thanks for playing!
Posted by Juan Pereyra 18th December, 2023

Good game it's reminds me to cuphead
Posted by BigAl0104 19th December, 2023


Thanks! It was semi-inspired by Cuphead.





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