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Review: Entrance Gate
Author: Ian M. Phoenix
Added: 11/05/2003

--- This is an updated preview since I felt I was a bit too harsh last time, however the problems still remain in this game. ---

In my opinion, Entrance Gate is overrated.

Although the graphics are quite well-made, they aren't really workable, they're too washed out and there is hardly any contrast between backgrounds, objects and enemies.

The sound is kind of muted so you don't get into the action as you would like to be.

But enough of that, the gameplay is what counts right?

With the graphics lacking contrast, it makes it VERY hard to see what's flying towards you or what's coming towards them, and the gameplay is very repetitive simple action-based gameplay that gets tiring.

Also the controls could use some work, this control scheme has been used by games like Abuse before, but in Entrance Gate, it doesn't work as well.

This game has potential, but it needs more contrast in the graphics (Maybe even black outlines around the characters and items), more variety in gameplay, some work on the sound would help too, but overall, once you're done looking at the visuals, this game is rather boring.

I don't see why this game has 50% more downloads than any other game on this website.

Vitually Real really has talent, but this game needed to be thought through some more, especially with the "excellent" graphics.

The graphics are excellent to look at, but it just doesn't work when a bunch of projectiles are coming at you and you can't really see what's going on.

But my review probably won't matter since people will most likely continue to download this game anyway.

If these problems are fixed in the sequel Jannis, you have got a gem in your hands here.

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