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Review: Entrance Gate
Author: Kirby Smith
Added: 24/06/2003

Presentation (10): Entrance Gate stands as an example of a very professional-feeling game. A crisp interface and spiffy CG intro gives the game a very polished feel.

Gameplay (7): The game plays very similar to a game put out a few years back called Abuse. The main character is controlled by the arrow keys, and the firing retical is moved with the mouse. This allows for a faster paced game by allowing the player to constantly progress through the level while shooting in any direction they desire. The level design is generally well done, but becomes repetitive after a while. A few extra obsticals, or some variation in level design would have gone a long way toward furthering the fun-factor. The game also suffers from a few annoying bugs that interfere with gameplay, such as sticking to ceilings.

Graphics (9): The character graphics are all 3-D rendered and are animated very well; however, some of the quiality is lost due in part to the low contrast between the characters and their backgrounds. Speaking of backgrounds, they are well done, but lack the 3D qualities of the characters and the tiling is sometimes obvious. Boosting the visual appeal of the game is a very well done CG intro movie.

Sound And Music (9): The music is great (original, I believe) and sets the mood of the game well. The opening theme will almost send chills up your spine the first time you hear it. Sound effects are of a quality equal to the music.

Lastability (6): The game is fun the first time through, but it isn't something that I could see myself playing incessently. I sitll pick it up occasionally, 3 months after I first downloaded it though.

Overall (: Entrance Gate is a good game, that is only held back by a few annoying bugs. From a visual and audio standpoint it is one of the best Klik games produced, but the gameplay is less than revolutionary as it doesn't bring a whole lot of new concepts to the table. In the end though, it is a very enjoyable game and well worth the large download.

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