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Review: Entrance Gate
Author: Klikreview (Heretic Emu Studios)
Added: 15/10/2003

Two word review: Masterfully Mediocre

I bumped into this gem while browsing the old relics of the Daily Click. Seemed to have quite a few downloads, seemed like a good idea at the time.

Let's get to all of the good stuff first. There are some great graphics here, period. Sure, you pay the price of a 30 meg download, but you get fully 3D cinematics (even if pretty amateurish) and you also get treated to a well programmed piece of work. You can tell from the fact that this is the creators only available download that he must have spent eons working on it. For the most part, it really shows. This game is programmed very professionally.

Of course, like many games that spawned from Natomic, fun factor and replayability are DOA. I played some game here just yesterday, I forget what game it was. It was a newbie game in all meanings of the word, but it involved some very funny and very creative characters, enemies and backdrops. They were all hand drawn, and it was remarkably simple. But it was made with a few things that old game makers forget, genuine love for game making.

So much time was put into this without a single fresh idea. That is probably fine for many people. Sometimes movies that are hated by the critics make tons of money simply because they look good. This game is "Godzilla" from back in 1997. It does well because of how it looks, but down deep, it's just more of the same. A composition of bits and pieces from other games.

I wouldn't say these things if I didn't think the game had promise. Game makers go through many phases in their lives before cranking out great stuff. One stage is duplication, simply copying other people work without using anything else from upstairs. Hopefully, this creator will evolve soon. When he does, and creativity meets this kind if excellent game design, then there may be some competition for others at the Daily Click. As it is right now, I would recommend that the author keep his day job.

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