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Review: Entrance Gate
Author: Mr Saturn
Added: 07/09/2002

Let me start by saying that this game is definitely worth the download. That goes for all you 56kers too. Sure it might take three hours, but so what. Believe me this game is worth it, especially compared to most of the drivel on this site that people actually call "games".

Gameplay: The gameplay in EG is very simple; you run around shooting things. Your character is controlled via the keyboard and the mouse. The mouse is used to aim and the keyboard is used to maneuver around the level. There are nine different weapons and three different environments, with each environment consisting of several stages. At the end of each environment you fight a boss. The game is fairly long and will probably take most people a few days to beat. The challenge level is about average; in other words not to hard but not to easy. There are a few problems, however. The bosses are pretty under whelming to say the least. They are all VERY easy, and it is obvious the author did not spend a whole lot of time on them. Maybe for some people this will not matter but I always like a good boss battle and the game was very disappointing in this regard. Also, even though the game has nine weapons, most of the weapons are fairly useless, so you will probably only end up using a few of the more effective ones. EG also has some minor platform engine problems, such as when you jump and touch a wall you can't move in the air anymore for the duration of the jump. Finally, the game is a little repetitive but luckily it is just about the right length and ends before it starts to get boring.

Graphics: Perfect. Graphics in freeware games don't get any better than this. It also has 3d rendered FMV's, the best FMV's I have ever seen in a klick game, or any freeware game for that matter. Now you know why the game is such a huge download. The only problem I have is that you can't go back and view the FMV's again.

Sound: Once again, perfect. The sound effects sound very professional, and the music is commercial quality.

Overall: Like I said, GET THIS GAME NOW, I DON'T CARE WHAT KIND OF CONNECTION YOU HAVE. It has a few problems but it is still one of the best klick games you can get.


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