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Review: Entrance Gate
Author: SoftWarewolf
Added: 07/09/2002

ok this totaly whips out all the other platform shooters to date
and i say its one of the best klik games ever


i usaly dont care much about the graphics in games but i have to say its excellent
all charecters are perfectly rendered with tons of smooth animations in 3D and everything fits together in a realy nice style
the game also have lotsof well made 3D movies cutscenes

the game has xtremly with heavy explosions lights and weapons u gotta love it

the gameplay is realy fun especialy for the genius combinations and many varius tasks with different object making it in some point a bit like the good adventure feeling
the coolest thing is that u can aim in any directions and scroll with the mouse
witch then also make "head shot" realy interesting
and unlike newbie games this game is close 0% luck
making need for decent players

i dont realy know about the lastability of this game cus i havent dont it all yet but even from where i stand the game has been pretty long and challenging

the music in entrance gate is excellent! and hes one of the few that actualy have made the music himself (at least i think)
the sound efects are heavy, cool, own made and not fusy so... perfect! =

i 100% recommend this game to everyone even if u got 11k modem


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