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Review: Entrance Gate
Author: Raincoatduck
Added: 05/09/2002

I've usually not been very impressed with Click games using pre-rendered 3D graphics. These games would typically use their slick graphics to pass off terrible gameplay. But Entrance Gate changed my mind on this matter, and showed how well pre-rendered 3D graphics can work.

Graphics: Although many people aren't fond of the 3D look, preferring pixel far more, the graphics in Entrance Gate just work well as they are. Through the use of 3D graphics, the animations are very smooth and, most of the time but not always, quite expressive. The animation of the zombies getting blown up is hilariously life-like. Also there are animated cutscenes between worlds and at the beginning of the game, although they're nice, they add a lot of bulk to the size of the game.

Gameplay: Some people may find the run and shoot gameplay repetetive but the different weapons and good level design made it interesting enough for me. Anyone who's played Abuse or Soldat will be familiar with the controls and gameplay and should be blasting their way through levels fairly easily. The weapons are well balanced, each serving a different purpose but unfortunately, there isn't much to shoot with the slow, powerful guns. You'll mostly be using the machine gun and later the laser gun since they both have a fast firing rate. There aren't that many different types of enemies so near the end of a area/world you'll probably be sick of fighting the same thing. But overall the gameplay is still fun although not particularly original.

Sound/Music: The sound is satisfactory and all the gun noises fit well. I doubt that many of them are original but it's not that big of a deal. The music although generally good, gets a bit repetitive since it repeats the same song over a stretch of levels. So it wouldn't hurt to have a bit more variety.

Overall: To sum it all up, Entrance Gate is a very professional looking game with fun but pretty mindless run and gun gameplay. It will be a definate GOTW contender and can hopefully revitalize the idleness around Virtually Real. I'd definately recommend it to anyone with cable or DSL internet. 56ker's might want to wait and see if a reduced size version of the game will be available at some point.


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