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Review: Mr Stumps Dentures
Author: Dogzer
Added: 23/02/2004

This game shines among most klik games i've seen around here.

It's never to unoriginal to give platforms game, like this one, a supermario world feeling, because i believe you cant never get enough of that clasic. You even have to press start to as in most console games, wich is shift key on your keyboard.

This game has it's own style though, being the sprites caracterized by its thick outlining, looking like new generation cartoons. And of course the good small details. You can jump really high, and it's seems you can easely manuever yourself mid-air, making it easyer to fall on top of enemie's head. You have 3 lives and a health bar that may be replenished by adsorbing medic kits.

This game, as any 2d game with this sprite amount/size, runs at playable speed (20 fps/sec) on my computer:

PIII 450 mhz - 380 mb ram
Geforce 2 64 mb MX/MX 400

This game shall be a great add to your collection if you like klik games, but it under the platforms folder, next to eternal daugther, not as good but as any collector you can't expect all your items to have same value, yes that's right circy your game is not as good as eternal daughter, but look i gave you a 10 on music.. i figured since i canīt make music i might as well rate it 10.. but soon i'll be making great musics... omg 195 chars left! circy make me an admin please <3

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Sound and Music:

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Posted by Phredreeke 17th September, 2010

Yes, but is it better than a Mac?
Posted by Dogzer 6th December, 2010

lol! you are here!


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