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Review: Mr Stumps Dentures
Author: Dr. James MD
Added: 25/02/2004

Let me start of with I downloaded this game from hear-say. And a mate had an old demo on his laptop. Personally I thought this was going to permenately change click platformers... I think that it was nearly achieved.

Presentation: The menus and intro are beautiful. Nice use of text blitter, i think. Menu is clear and simple. Very nice graphics and a colourful, all-ages approach.

Gameplay: Simple. I played a multiplayer earlier today and in my humble opinion; it was the best ever click 2 player experience ive had. Reminded me of Sonic 2 vaguely. Single player im just up to the second world (sorry, forgot name!)

Graphics: Stunning. Im not interested in super detailed pixel art, im interested in fantastic colour graphics that suit the game. This achieves that fully. It really is wonderful eye candy and the super thick black lines are pure genius. However im sure that this full version has added 'grains' in the background objects, something that wasnt in the demo. Alas that is only nit picking.

Sound and Music:
Sound= ... some is good, most isnt. Music however is pretty damn good! The very first level music makes me think of Sonic 1.

Thanks to multiplayer which fulfils the human need for competition this game could last forever. Only downside to this is the level number, or lack of. Would have been nice with some more levels. Im struggeling through single player mode, which is good. Its a relief to see a difficult, yet possible, click game.

This is one fantastic breath of fresh air. A basic platformer it may be but this game is so beautiful and well crafted it will live a long time on my computer. Id love to see a sequel too

Sound and Music:

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