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Review: Mr Stumps Dentures
Author: Johan Hargne (Wartagon)
Added: 06/12/2004

Ok, so here we go..

Mr Stumps Dentures is a fine game, in my opinion, that shows us the great abilities of creating games that Circy has.
As I've said before, I believe that the opening title screen or menu is one of the most important parts of a game. It really gives an impression of the game to the player. I must say I love the title screen/menu of Mr Stumps Dentures. It gives me a classic atmosphere that certain older games usually gives, but also MSD's got this personal atmosphere of it's own. I'm like.. Oh it's MSD.. It's pretty hard to explain the feeling though. Nice work on the menu.

The gameplay is great. It includes the parts needed in a classic platformer. You've got to kill enemies but also pass obstacles or jump over gaps. It is a challenge in different ways.
One of the great things were that I din't find any bugs during my time playing MSD (not that I've quit playing it). The custom movement engine is working perfectly.
A thing that might could have been improved was the different abilites of kill enemies. Yeah, it's cool with that mario-stylish jump-on-their-heads-feature but maybe some kind of weapon would be nice. Aww. whatever. That's not a big deal anyways.

Many people has critisised Circy for his way of drawing sprites. Many have been very negative and som have even enoyed it. I'm one of those who enjoys it. Circy has created an own stylee for his games which I think is soo cool. It's easy to see which games Circy's made. The graphics in MSD is fitting really well to. I must say that the paralax-scrolling-background-thingy-whatever-it's-called is so damn fine and should be used more. This game's got it, and I l-o-v-e it.

I've seen a lot of attempts to add good music to games over the years. Some have succeded some have not. But those who often succed is those who manage to create their own music for their games. I assume that Circy has made the music in MSD since I know that he's rather good at creating midis. Anyways, the music in the game is good. There were (almost) nothing that got on my nerves, as some musics in games usually do.

There aren't much games that says on my computer for long. I mostly remove the game directly after testing it. The games I keep is the ones with quality. MSD is one of them. I can play this all day long. It's hard, but yet addictive!

I tell you, this is a klik-classic and you would miss something if you didn't download it.

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