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Review: Mr Stumps Dentures
Author: Teapot
Added: 15/08/2004

There was allot of hype and anticipation regarding the release of this game. After what seems like ages, the wait is finally over... does it justify its classic status? Everyone should know circy, he's a popular admin at The Daily Click. He is also behind games such as Zone Runner 1 and 2 and the thousands of Wibble Wacky World demo. He has a reputation as an overall good clicker, if a little stubborn. hat I mean by "stubborn" is that most of his games are very similar, from both a programming perspective and a visual perspective.

On that account, this game rings true. Using crazy 4x outlines and having an engine barely different to zone runner (except the upside down bits, ya gotta love 'em). But that brings me to a very hard decision; shall I review this based on his previous games, or completely standalone. After careful consideration I shall review this as standalone. There is really nothing wrong with the game itself just for being similar to Chris' other games.
So what about the game, huh? This is a very good game. From the lovely graphics to the irritating yet charming system beeps. I really feel like i'm back in 1993(a good year for shareware) when I play this. Jumping on the heads of the bad guys is oh so fun (no racist subtext). The bosses are cool and tricky, they really test my lack of ability as a gamer.

The worlds in the game are nicely varied, snow, reverse gravity, if you have ever played a platformer, you'll feel right at home. While I don't want to give too much away, the story is very funny. It involves alcoholism, batter acid, evil doppelgangers and a plot involving the tooth god. The gameplay mainly relies on platform clichés, jumping on heads, moving platforms etc. But it pulls them off so well that this game should be a bible of sorts for all click platformers. It also has some great sections only seen in the best platformers, such as the aforementioned upside-down sections. Then there is the two player, for the sake of size, graphics take a hit. But for some reason it still looks just as cool. The two player "race" reminds me of a sonic game I once played. It is very well done and its nice to see a two player mode as well as a great single player. I may have said this before but this game is very hard. It has no saving until just before the big boss. It'll put your skills to the limit, so beware!

Overall this game is a true click classic, as someone once said some time; "Raise your glasses, regardless of the contents" to this very special game!

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