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Review: Mr Stumps Dentures
Author: Jake G
Added: 10/12/2007

I played through this game a few months back and must say that I thought it wasn't too bad at all! The gameplay begins as soon as you leave the title screen and the controls are mastered in seconds. Anyone can play it without having to fiddle around before the first level begins...

I do not particularly like the automatic scrolling level in Nuclear Fort because you lose the freedom to move forward at your own pace as the screen scrolls slower than Mr Stump walks. Another factor that restricts the gameplay score from being the best it could be is no checkpoints, it is very anoying to play through the whole level again after dying right near the end of the level. Luckily, these are only minor problems and despite all that, the rest of the game plays very well and is very fun. I particularly like Fireball Palace Act 2 and Toothpick Towers Act 1.

The game it self looks very simple, this however works very well. MSD makes good use of MMF's paralax capabilities. The sprites are colourful and feature 2 pixel outlines and while quite good visually, have limited animation. Circy has gone to alot of effort to shade backdrops and makes use of the scale and rotation features of MMF. Overall, the graphics are good and unique, but not mind blowing.

One of the factors of MSD that shines the most is the sounds. The music suits the environment very well and are very well done, especially for MIDIs. Each act 2 features a remixed version of the music from act 1. Sound effects are cartoony and get the job done, however it is the background music that shines brightest.

The game is not too short but not to long. The levels are quite lengthy, but not overly lenghty. The quest to retrieve Mr Stump's lost dentures is a difficult task, however the game is good enough to play from the start even after you get a game over, because it just makes you feel like you HAVE to beat it. Even after you DO beat the game, there is an extras menu to toy with and the highly addictive Stump Runner, which I am yet to conquer.

On the whole, Mr Stumps Dentures' pros overpower it's cons. It is a game that is easy to master the controls of, but very challenging. It is good for beginner players to muck around with, but better for advanced gamers to try and win. I still find myself playing it, ages after I beat it, I'm still trying to beat Stump Runner, oneday I will... one day...

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