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Review: Mr Stumps Dentures
Author: Retired Kliker Lazarus
Added: 28/02/2004

MR.STUMP'S DENTURES has been a highly anticipated game. I myself have been looking forword to this, and now I have it ! Its basicly Mario with Circy-style graphics.

PRESENTATION: I was quite disapointed with the title screen; it was just a bit to plain. The demo version's title screen was a bit more pleasing to the eye. There are too many...uh...dentures in the title screen. I know its entitled "Mr. Stumps Dentures" but the denture count was insane! The title screen is basicly the same thing as Super Mario World's title screen, only MSD has more options . I give this a 6/10.

GAME-PLAY: I thought the engine was really good. It was practicly flawless (the only bug I've noticed so far was one where you float through the ceiling). Mostly, its like Mario: Get through the level while stomping on various enimies, (except I don't recall devils in Mario!) Although its anyoing that you have to keep starting over when you get a game over, it does make you feel like your playing an old Super Mario Brothers game (minus the continue option). I give this a 8/10

GRAPHICS: Excellent graphics that you've come to expect from Circy. The only problem: The graphic style is getting a bit old. It looks like Zone Runner, Zone Runner 2, Smidgets, and the un-realsed Mr. Retro. NOTE TO CIRCY: Make a new graphics style, man! I thought your wibble wackey world style rocked! I give this a 9/10

MUSIC/SOUNDS: The music helped complete the oh-so-stumpy envoirment. I especially liked the music that went along with the Manic Mines. Very well done music! The sound was also excellent. It sounded like an old NES/SNES game. I give these a 10/10

LASTIBLITY/OVER ALL: I think this is a very lastible game. I could play this about 10 or 15 times without getting bored, but it does make you stop playing it when you get really far and then get a game over. Also, when you finish the game, it unlocks level select and a few other extras. LASTIBLITY: 9/10. Overall, MSD is a great game. It keeps you playing it through, and even though sometimes you just want to KILL yourself because you loose, its all in all a fun game. I give this a 9/10.

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