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Flying Chickens 2
Author: CYS Submitted: 20th September, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 161

Edited By CYS on 10/16/2002

Much more advanced than the previously rleased Flying Chickens, Flying Chickens 2 focuses more on gore factor and cartoonish macaab realisim. More violent than ever, it will offer the player more of a visual stimulous, allowing the player to massacre the chickens thus leaving mass trails of blood, feathers and chicken heads.

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Posted by The_Antisony 20th September, 2002

TOTALLY ADDICTIVE. Graphics are a definite 6/10, but the gameplay is cool as hell... at first.
Posted by Sam_The_Ninja 21st September, 2002

Posted by Prototailz 21st September, 2002

Looks a VERY nice game... Should I download it? (I am finnish, i write VERY VERY bad english)
Posted by Eric 21st September, 2002

Wasn't a game like this on the v-cade?
Posted by CYS 22nd September, 2002 the way, it is released in 2000 and it was at v-cade at that time.
Posted by -Deleted Member- 20th October, 2002

Hey CYS your game is good! And you use Me too!
Posted by CYS 21st October, 2002

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