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Maths FunTime!
Author: CYS Submitted: 18th May, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 145
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Edited By CYS on 5/18/2004

(The "game" is reuploaded by the request of Muz who keeps on forcing me to put it up again by threatening me. He accidentally deleted it.)

It's a little game I did for my mum at first. Then, I think that the "game" might actually benefit someone out there, and so I publicise it. So if you are the elder bro of someone small, you can actually give them to play. Basically the whole idea is to answer a series of sums in either division or multiplication (you choose). You could also select the range of timetables you want.

If you would like to have a challenge, you could always set the range to 1 to 999. It will give you the HORROR!

Graphics taken from The Adventure of Mighty, another game of mine.

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Posted by PreviousPlasma (DarkSoft) 18th May, 2004

Can't wait to see a preview/and/or demo of the games of mighty. If its as fun as this, I'm downloading it. :P
Posted by Kramy 18th May, 2004

Muz insists he's female.
Posted by The Chris Street 18th May, 2004

Bah, good one! The GOTW has now been screwed up XD
Posted by ChrisB 18th May, 2004

Maths screws up everything, and don't let you teacher tell you otherwise.
Posted by KlikFactory 18th May, 2004

All you do is watch the character inch along while you answer simple math questions. Booooring. If the hero did more interesting things as you moved him along, like jump on platforms, move through a level, kill an enemy if you answer a problem correctly... it would be more fun.
Posted by Kåre Kølle Johansen 19th May, 2004

shit! like math on the friggin scool wasnt enough!!! :P
Posted by CYS 19th May, 2004

Nah, like i say before...this game is just made for my mum and has no means of being fun. I only publicise it to educate the younger ones. It's not even released under Cysteine Creations. However, i will try to improve it and released it as a collectable in The Adventure of Mighty.





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