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The Speed Engine
Author: CYS Submitted: 3rd November, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Arcade Downloads: 248

Don't mix it up with the spirit engine!... some of you may have played the previous version of it in total klik (2bit version). I decided to redo it this time with a new and original concept.

Inspired by streambolt, speed freak, zoom!, sideswipe, echo vs bravo, the line and astrospoon, the speed engine is a fast-paced side scroller and your objective is to guide the speed engine while dodging viruses rushing and shooting at you via jumping. In some cases, you need to change gravity and runs at the ceiling. Score will keep on increasing as long as you survive. Everytime after you've surpassed level 8, you'll received a bonus of 1000 points and the level will be reset to 1.

- 4 enemies
- A bonus if you earn a 6000 points

In the year 2999AD, there lived 2 space colonies called X and Z. They were enemies for over a hundred years. At some point, colony Z decided to launch a virus attack on colony X. Colony X knew of the attack and realised that the only way to defend itself is to send a recently invented micro robot to break though colony Z's defences and destroy the virus producing system.

You are the speed engine, the recently invented robot. You need to blast at ultra speeds through viruses rushing towards you before they can infect the whole colony X.

Done by Cysteine Creations

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 (768kb )

Posted by Johan Hargne (Wartagon) 4th November, 2003

Damn good game!! I recommend everyone to dload it!!!!
Posted by Chace 4th November, 2003

Nice game. Challenging at first, but as you get used to the different patterns and enemies it becomes much more enjoyable. Great game to pass the time. Graphics and presentation are top notch, with some well fitting music aswell. Great job, CYS. :) The only thing it missed was an online highscore board, would've added much more to the lastability. Posted on Klik-Me.
Posted by Killerjedi 4th November, 2003

This game would have been great, but most of the patterns of enemies are nigh-undodgeable. What a waste... Well, apart from it being unbeatably, ridiculously hard, it's really cool.
Posted by Blackgaze 4th November, 2003

this is good but its damn stressful
Posted by Spram 4th November, 2003

This is not a streambolt type game. This is totally different and totally awesome. The only problem I have with it, and it's a really big one is that it's freaking difficult. But it's a really novel and cool idea, the music fits perfectly and it's just too awesome. I cannot love this game too much -- because I suck at it-- but I love the idea, the dynamism and speed. Great job.
Posted by realvictory 4th November, 2003

I like it! (even if the story's a bit weird :))
Posted by gustav 4th November, 2003

neat game! i wish there was a way to shoot tho ;__;
Posted by Astral_86 4th November, 2003

Can't anyone please make a Streambolt like movement engine to me?? I really need it. I only have TGF thou :( Gonna check this out now. :) If anyone has any TGF movement engines alike Streambolt please send me a mail, k? :) Bye TDC dudes!!
Posted by CYS 4th November, 2003

Thanks for the comments everyone! Chace : I'll be submitting it to klik academic for an online scoreboard. Killerjedi : You must be alert and get used to the pattern in order to dodge them... btw, there's only 8 levels. Fenner[Crazy_Productions] : It's inspired by streambolt's fast-paced action...not really by the game itself... And thanks for putting this up in the news! * Also visiting Cysteine Creations at Advertising is a must... :P
Posted by MidnighT_RaveN 4th November, 2003

that was way fun! on the menu you should add a quit option tho, just for convinience.
Posted by Blargh 5th November, 2003

Posted by CYS 5th November, 2003

Michael R. - Thanks for the review! I'll keep in mind all the things you've said when i made a new arcade game... MidnighT_RaveN - I will add that if i make another one. :)
Posted by NUB 5th November, 2003

tooooo hard
Posted by renneF 5th November, 2003

this is nothing like streambolt... :(
Posted by Blackgaze 5th November, 2003

i thought the background was ripped from my kacade game "Blast Them!" and changed around a bit. soz CYS
Posted by Strife 5th November, 2003

Looks awesome, AND its cheap at only 768 kb! Downloading now... ;) Geez, Steambolt has really rocked the klik community, and now everyone wants to make fast-paced games like Streambolt! It's rather odd. But I just might make my own Streambolt-ish game! :D
Posted by Agoro 5th November, 2003

the jumping is weird.. you cant jump to well.. eh.. oh well...
Posted by CYS 5th November, 2003

If anyone have problems with playing it, just mastering this. :) Level 1 - Don't jump Level 2 - Don't jump Level 3 - Jump when spike comes and stop Level 4 - Change Gravity immediately Level 5 - Change Gravity immediately and jump when it's about to shoot Level 6 - Jump when spike comes and stop Level 7 - (This depends a lot on timing to get it right) When the disc virus is halfway through the screen, jump and if you're right, you'll dodge both the disc virus and the laser. Level 8 - Try jumping with a momentum and you may get it right. Anyway, anyone got the bonus yet?
Posted by yuyu 6th November, 2003

shut up about streambolt already. Someone managed to make a great game! Thats brilliant. But go make your own games and save us all the fan game crap!
Posted by Blargh 6th November, 2003

Your welcome with the review CYS, good thing that your an author who actually takes things to mind. People who are talking about streambolt - shut up! This is a different game, stop trying to compare them! This is a brand new and excellent game
Posted by CYS 6th November, 2003

I don't see why people don't think it is a speed freak, zoom!, sideswipe, echo vs bravo, the line and astrospoon - type game, anyway, it's more like the line.
Posted by Kissa 7th November, 2003

What is your highscore?^^
Posted by CYS 7th November, 2003

8000 over.
Posted by CYS 7th November, 2003

Online Scoreboard now available, courtesy of klik academy -
Posted by Beppo 8th January, 2004

"Inspired by [...] the line" "Anyway, it's more like the line" I'm honoured!! :D Downloading...





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