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Fish Fighters
Author: CYS Submitted: 7th December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 228

Edited By CYS on 12/8/2002

The download should be working now!

Fish Fighters is a 2bit fighting game that features 2 fishes competing with each other for glory.
It features a monster rancher (a playstation game) like battle engine but with more flexibility.

In this demo
- Your fish is able to perform a total of 4 skills (Bite, Head Butt, Bubble Blow and Flip) for you to choose from and also 2 functions (Dodge/Defend and Dash).
- A 2player mode
- An effective save/load engine which consists of 3 slots for you to choose your fish name, skills and such. (Help from Shadowcaster)

Coming up in the full version
- Menu Layout Design done
- A single player mode
- Items to pick up during battle.
- All options in the menu done. (Help, Credit, Quit)
And many MORE!

This is a demo version of what i've done in 2bit.
Actually, this demo is submitted because i want you to help me decide the fate of this game.
You see...I'm tired of this game, because i think that the gameplay is the single player mode is not done yet.
So, please submit your comment to or post in daily click.
Give suggestions to improve it if you can, and also report bugs if found!

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 (544kb )

Posted by Joint(jgi) 8th December, 2002

is it really black and white?
Posted by DanielRehn 8th December, 2002

fun game....looking forward to the full version... ;)
Posted by CYS 8th December, 2002

the link will work from now on... if not, try to save target as on this file
Posted by Gongashplei 8th December, 2002

im counting 5 shades of grey there, isnt 2-bit usually 4?
Posted by David Newton (DavidN) 9th December, 2002

E-mail address is frighteningly similar to my own...
Posted by CYS 9th December, 2002

my real name is wong hong wei...same sirname..:) 5 shades of grey...? ...uhh...just take it as 4shades...:P..probably because i had made some error in it...
Posted by CYS 9th December, 2002

please give me opinion...i need it...desperately...
Posted by ElectricPro 9th December, 2002

cool game :)
Posted by The-Three-Klikateers 9th December, 2002

Its pretty good. May be quite good in colour though.
Posted by CYS 9th December, 2002

Thanks for your comments,
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 13th December, 2002

nah i like the black n white look gives it that retro gameboy look nice work





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