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Plingvaders 1.5
Author: Phredreeke Submitted: 28th November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 173

Edited By Phredreeke on 6/14/2003

Edited By Phredreeke on 11/28/2002

Plingvaders is another game I've had on my hd for months, today I made the finishing touches and released it.

Basically this is a Space Invaders clone, you control your ship by arrow keys, use Shift to shoot.

The game is featuring changeable speed and alien amount, high score, full screen mode and a secret minigame.

BTW the textfile is not up to date, it says there's 10 rounds which is changed in this release, there's no round limit in this version.

Update 14/6: Link changed due to new server.

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Posted by Phredreeke 29th November, 2002

24 downloads and not a single comment?
Posted by Lloyd Harvey 3rd July, 2003

Hows this: I didn't play this very long, in fact only once but its alot better than some of the tripe thats on this site. At least ur graphics are clean looking and smooth.
Posted by Phredreeke 28th July, 2003

hey, thanks. I was surprised to see a comment on a game this old
Posted by Phredreeke 5th July, 2004

The game is gone from my old webspace now, if you want it, mail me.





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