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4Four - Evil from the Past (now fixed)
Author: Phredreeke Submitted: 22nd June, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 151

Edited By Phredreeke on 6/26/2004

4Four, after saving the universe countless times, has taken a vacation on Notanius. However, someone has killed the mayor, and framed 4Four for it... The game features:

-Custom platform engine (no sticking to ceilings, climbing walls etc.)
-95% original graphics (some sprites are from Megaman, but edited)
-Explore an underground world in part 1, searching for your key to freedom...
-And then fight your imposter in Part 2...
-Much saner pace and more stable than 3Three
-Some extras, including a 4four quiz!

Again, I'd like to thank those who beta tested this game. Based on original 4Four by Zaratustra and Zathras, which can be downloaded here:

I've made a fixed Part I and changed the URL to a page on my webspace, you can download both files there. The fixed Part I is only needed if you run Windows XP or 2000, otherwise you'll do with only the original "full" download.

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Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 22nd June, 2004

Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 22nd June, 2004

This is pretty good! But the backrounds aren't very detailed, and the graphics aren't the best. I'll review it when I beat it, though. :) Pretty good!
Posted by Hill Gigas 22nd June, 2004

hmmm... lots of crashes. :(
Posted by Phredreeke 23rd June, 2004

Gigas: Care to tell me where it crashes and your comp's specs?
Posted by The Chris Street 23rd June, 2004

I get the errors too. I can get into the fire cavern place, but when I enter the foresty stage the game crashes
Posted by Shadow99 23rd June, 2004

It crashes for me too, all the time. It's not about computer specs, this is a simple game, it doesn't require a VOODOO 12 and 5 gigs of RAM. It crashes when I'm in the forest (seems random), and it crashes when I'm in the cave (seems random). I haven't gotten to play for 2 minutes straight. It looks like it would otherwise be a fun game.
Posted by Phredreeke 23rd June, 2004

It has crashed a few times for me, but not regularly, on my 850 mhz Celeron, 256 mb RAM computer. After the comments about crashing I did test it on two other comps, a 300 mhz PII, 256 mb RAM (I think) computer, where it repeatedly crashed in the forest (didn't bother fire cavern), and a 800 mhz PIII, 256 mb RAM computer, which ran it just as well as my standard comp. Did you run any messaging software while playing it (that caused my previous game to crash more on my main comp). Other "heavy" software?
Posted by Cazra 23rd June, 2004

It's crashing a lot. I get halfway through the forest and then it screws up and performs an illegal operation.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 24th June, 2004

Yeah, my computer crashed in the forest as well. I can't get into the 2nd part without it crashing. :( Fix please! :)
Posted by Phredreeke 24th June, 2004

As I've said, it doesn't crash on my main comp. I had crashes in that same place, but in an older version. After some fixing (removal of an enemy), it worked fine for me and still do... It do crash on another comp I've tried it on, but that one's 300 mhz and ran it rather choppy even before crashing. What OS are you running? Running other stuff at the same time? Specs? Checked for Spyware? It runs fine on my 850 Mhz, 256 mb ram computer running Windows ME.
Posted by Phredreeke 24th June, 2004

Also, if anyone would like me to send instructions on how to skip to Part II, feel free to PM me.
Posted by Shadow99 24th June, 2004

When there are this many people having crashes, I don't think it's the computers. Out of the 6 people who have commented (other than you), 5 have had multiple crashes. Hmmmmmm. MUST be the spyware.
Posted by Phredreeke 25th June, 2004

But at least 5 people voted good, and I doubt they'd do that for a crashing game. Yes, it crashes, I'm on to it. That's why I want people posting their specs, OS and stuff, because on the three comps I've tested the game, it runs fine on two, and the third one is 1. older with slower CPU and 2. running different OS
Posted by Phredreeke 25th June, 2004

How many of you are running Windows XP or 2000?
Posted by Cazra 25th June, 2004

I'm using XP
Posted by Shadow99 25th June, 2004

I voted thumbs up because it looks like a well made game other than the crashes. I still can't play it though. I use XP as well.
Posted by Phredreeke 25th June, 2004

I'll see if I can fix it to work on XP/2000. According to my friend, he can run an older version of the game on his sister's comp, and to my knowledge only the first part of the game crashes. I could probably replace the affected frames with frames from the older version, though updated to match this version (excluding crashing, of course).
Posted by Phredreeke 25th June, 2004

Okay, I guess Christopher_87 deserves credit for that... Meanwhile play his game while I go fix up mine...
Posted by Phredreeke 26th June, 2004

Ok... I am thinking of two solutions. First one is just making a stand alone fixed Part I, second one is updating the game further (finally getting some backgrounds?)
Posted by FlameCritter 27th June, 2004

That MIGHT be a good idea.
Posted by Phredreeke 27th June, 2004

Making a further upgraded version has lower priority now that the fix is out, and I have plans on making an original game. If you people want another 4four game by me, let me know, cause I still have a few ideas.
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 1st July, 2004

I'm reviewing this in a sec...
Posted by Phredreeke 1st July, 2004






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