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Colour Clash Simulation Demo
Author: Phredreeke Submitted: 5th April, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Demo Downloads: 118

This is a demo simulating an effect similiar to the colour clash of the old Spectrum computers. I have implented it using only 4 colours + black, but having a larger palette is possible.

I think it makes a nice change to the old 4-color game concept.

It's implented on a game with a nameless baby collecting pacifiers in space.

If you wish to use the effect in your game, please contact one of the OHW members. And ph33r t3h l33t intro.

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Posted by DaVince 5th April, 2006

"nameless baby"
Looks like this was made from Not Another Circy Game.

Posted by Nothing, Ok? 5th April, 2006

Nice. ^^
Posted by axel 5th April, 2006

DaVince: Shhhh!
Posted by Reno 5th April, 2006

193 highest score EVER! OWNED
Posted by axel 6th April, 2006

343 highest score EVER! OWNED

Posted by Hempuli 12th April, 2006

1888 highest score EVER! OWNED TOO!






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