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Return to Isle Pokuh
Author: Phredreeke Submitted: 3rd August, 2007 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 144

Edited By PhreddySE [One Hand Writers] on 8/8/2007

Edited By PhreddySE [One Hand Writers] on 8/3/2007

Sanchez has received a letter from his girlfriend Sarah. It says she's got a surprise for him at the castle on Isle Pokuh. He arrives at the castle but a cloaked man is blocking the way. The stranger wants 15 coins to let Sanchez enter the castle. Now Sanchez must gather coins around the island to meet his girlfriend in the castle, where a surprise indeed awaits...

If all you care about are low res wannabe SNES games, then look somewhere else. But if you would try a game with its own style, you mustn't miss this one.

-Powerups are back! Dig for treasure and throw boxes
-Visit the magician's hut to get hints on finding hard to get coins
-Parallax backgrounds (can be disabled)
-Module music remixes by DaVince
-Joshua Mononoetoe as the voice of Sanchez
-Records corner, see your best completion time and your total playtime, along with online time submission
-Automatic pause when game is interrupted, (for example by chat messages)
-In game music volume control (doesn't affect windows volume control, unlike other games that have attempted it)
-Optional fullscreen mode

I'd advice reading the help section before playing, but I'm not your mom.

A game by Phredreeke and Nikodemus. Thanks to DaVince and TenguSoft for hosting.

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  (7mb )

Posted by Johnny Look 3rd August, 2007

omg there's nirvana midis all over the game !
Posted by DaVince 3rd August, 2007

MIDIs? Where? I'm sure I converted them to modules...

Nice game.
Posted by Lady Neptune 3rd August, 2007

Is this Scurvy Sanchez 4?
Posted by Hempuli 3rd August, 2007

Posted by Joshua M. 3rd August, 2007

Ooh, yay! It's released
Posted by Jonathan Lake 3rd August, 2007

The Nirvana midis were awesome. The movement was a little out of wack, but I enjoyed it. Had a different feel to it, enjoyed the graphics too.
Posted by Phredreeke 3rd August, 2007

As DaVince say, they're not midis They are modules (which don't cause the annoying pause whenever a song starts or loops)

Anyone beat it yet?

Lady Neptune: Err... Kind of. The original SS4 was canned because while we had big plans, very little work actually got done on it (the disadvantage of working in a team without clearly defined roles), except for graphics, which Nastyman made lots of.
Posted by DaVince 3rd August, 2007

Compare this to Commander Keen: it's the part before 4, but after 3. 3.5
Posted by Johnny Look 3rd August, 2007

Here's some (hopefully) constructive criticism:
-The animations are awful and the window is too small compared to the huge characters sprites.
- I love Nirvana but I really think you should get rid of the midis, mods or whatever they are.
-Some graphics have bold outlines, others don't have at all.

Other than that nice game.
Posted by Phredreeke 3rd August, 2007

Yay! 100%
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 3rd August, 2007

Ooooh! S'out!
Posted by Zethell 4th August, 2007

Ohh! looks like some snes wannabe game!
Posted by MR Self Harm 4th August, 2007


would the surprise be pie

or will his "lady friend" "put out"
Posted by Lady Neptune 4th August, 2007

Who is Circy? Funny game.
Posted by The Chris Street 4th August, 2007

I'm Circy.
Posted by Phredreeke 4th August, 2007

I wonder why she would ask that

In case anyone here can't beat the game, there are a couple of cheats, PM me if you want them.
Posted by Zezard 4th August, 2007

I think this game was kind of lame...

The music felt misplaced. It was nothing like adventure or piratey music, which would have suited this game much better.

The controls did not feel good, the player should not have deacceleration time and the jumps felt slow and powerless.

The collision between the character and dangerous stuff felt very abstract, you could actually walk into many of them without getting hurt...

The story was not very thrilling...

The voice acting and the hint giving lady were however interesting and fun features, even though I don't like that you included Hitler with that kind of joke...

The graphics were great, but the animations sucked. I mean, at least make him move in some way when he is digging! And what about that walking? Seems like you put about zero time on the animations in this game...

I'm sorry, I think this was a over all bad game. Solid engine though...
Posted by DaVince 4th August, 2007

About the music, I just couldn't be bothered to make original music for it.
Posted by bhlaab 4th August, 2007

i agree with zezard but the grpahics arent really great. they're mspaint anime and everything is made so big that theres no room on the screen for things like the platform youre trying to jump to. theres not really any clear distinction between background objects that are obstacles and ones that are decoration.
Posted by Zezard 4th August, 2007

Original music is not required. It's just that I appriciate when the music fit into the game. I think that music somehow should describe the other things that you experience in the game.
Posted by Fifth 7th August, 2007

H'm, "first for a click game" for the auto-pause... that's a rather bold claim, don't you think?
Posted by Phredreeke 7th August, 2007

H'm, "first for a click game" for the auto-pause... that's a rather bold claim, don't you think?

Show me a click game made before that has it, and I'll remove the "first for a click game" from the description. AFAIK it is the first.
Posted by Fifth 7th August, 2007

Well, does it need to be a finished game?
I've had such a feature in "Nothing" for more than a year, now.
Posted by DaVince 7th August, 2007

"they're mspaint anime"

Phred, I told you that feature was too minor to sum up with the rest?
Posted by JFrudy 7th August, 2007

other than the graphics, this game is okay at best. no room to see, not a great movement engine. graphics need work though
Posted by Phredreeke 8th August, 2007

Fifth: There, I removed it from the description now. I never played your game before.

JFrudy: Well, it's better than the games you didn't submit mr. Avatarless

DaVince: Why aren't you on msn anymore?
Posted by AfterStar 9th August, 2007

Sorry but I will have to agree with what Zezard said.
Perhaps you should also add a popup box to confirm exit if someone accidently press esc while in game...I had like 9 coins and it reset.
Posted by JFrudy 9th August, 2007

@ phreddy,
no, its not better than the games i didnt submit
because its sure as hell not good =o!
Posted by Phredreeke 10th August, 2007

Big words coming from someone who haven't submitted any games of their own
Posted by viva/volt 11th August, 2007

Man the votes on this are rocketing up...
Posted by DaVince 11th August, 2007

Phreddy: since when do you need to be able to create a game to criticise a game? Though it helps immensely, it doesn't mean that the person might not know what he's talking about.

AfterStarX: popup boxes are a bad, bad idea. At least, using Windows ones.





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