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Easy HTML Maker V 1.0
Author: ElectricPro Submitted: 30th November, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 228

Easy HTML Maker is a program that makes HTM files fast and easy. Its menu is a lot like the menu used in TGF, so its fast and easy. Test your htm file before saving it too. Click the link below to go to my website and then click the button "Files" to go to the Download page. Here you can download my Programs and games. Easy HTML Maker is there too.

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Posted by funkyseaweed 1st December, 2002

this is good
Posted by ElectricPro 1st December, 2002

A new program of mine is close to release. This program allows you to code HTML and JavaScript Applications then save them as stand alone games/programs. Click the link below for a example game created in BlueCODE. The download is .zip format and is 400kb download but its about 1.90mb game total size with all the Data files. The game is a checkers game and can be downloaded at .
Posted by ElectricPro 1st December, 2002

ok. im putting the link to the image and download here first. Remember to right click to download. the image should work Direct Link because its in .epi format (jpg data). Image : Download : PS: This is the download and Image for my new program BlueCODE. HTML and JavaScript Coding Program that codes Applications
Posted by ElectricPro 1st December, 2002

o yeah. If any bugs are found in this program (Easy HTML Maker) or BlueCODE please report them to
Posted by Steve T. 1st December, 2002

I'll put up a review after I tinker around with it.
Posted by ElectricPro 1st December, 2002

ill have a update soon adding a few options and fixing any bugs it may have.
Posted by ElectricPro 1st December, 2002

The stuff expected in the update to version 1.1 will make it a lot better. Im adding a new coding command and i fixed the bug so you can now test run your html document in the Easy HTML Maker Test HTML window. Also i added Controls to make the Easy HTML Maker Editor fit your likings, Set the font and background to the way u want it.
Posted by ElectricPro 5th December, 2002

o yeah, This program is great for people using free site hosts like tripod, geocities, anglefire, and so on because it hides all the un wanted ads.
Posted by Nir L 6th December, 2002

Posted by Yuhkaz 6th December, 2002

i hope this isnt a rip of tigerworks' html proggy
Posted by Nir L 7th December, 2002

I hope so too, because I'm the programmer of Tigerworks' program (after he stopped working on it for Terminal Orbit). It's still in development.





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