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Super Fight Demo 1 (The new RPG)
Author: ElectricPro Submitted: 3rd January, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 161

Super Fight is a New RPG which is very cool. You have a lot of land/places to explore. The Full game will be very long, but this version is small. Please download it, its worth it. Veiw the screenshot to see the way the game is set up. Also you have differant enimies too.

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Posted by Crono 3rd January, 2003

crashes after it says Super fight, says "missing title 5"
Posted by Partack 3rd January, 2003

wont work for me.. says something about installing a rts.exe or something
Posted by -_darkman_- 3rd January, 2003

even without downloading it yet i dont understand what the game is.Its an RPG called super fight? Would something called that not be a figting game? I dunno
Posted by -_darkman_- 3rd January, 2003

ok downloaded,got same bug as Crono
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 3rd January, 2003

doesn't work for me either. think maybe the file's fucked. what the hell you used? the installer seems screwy and the thing says RPG Maker 2000? What the shit is that aboot?
Posted by Rio 3rd January, 2003

It doesent work for me ither. But it soulnds good. I had an idea for a game like this bassed on dragen ball not DBZ. where you just go around the world helping out villiges and gaining strength and stuff plus evory year would be the world martial arts tournament. I dont know if yours will be quite like that but yours sounds good anyways
Posted by Simdrone052 3rd January, 2003

oh yes, RPG MAKER SUCKS ahahahahahahahahaha
Posted by AsparagusTrevor 3rd January, 2003

yeah, i reckon you should get it working. it'd help.
Posted by Matt Boothman 4th January, 2003

This game is made using a none clickteam product, RPG Maker 2000. Please delete this game!!!
Posted by desmondwall16 4th January, 2003

The game doesnt work because it needs a file that gets installed by RPG maker 2000, this is hardly a good game and lacks some any entertainment value. Either start making games with Click Team products or make an RPG that does more than a bog standard creation from RPGM2000 can be. I do not recommend this file to anyone as it is a waist of download
Posted by ElectricPro 4th January, 2003

Every time i make a Click game some1 complains. What is it with people saying stuff about games? I can fix the problem if u want, but im not changing what its made in. Plus where on this site does it say that it has to be "Click"?
Posted by Pete Nattress 4th January, 2003

it doesn't have to be klick, scorpion. but i imagine it's pretty bad anyway.
Posted by Robbie Shields 4th January, 2003

By looking at the screenshot, it's either a RPG Maker game or a Click game using graphics from RPG Maker. Looks like something you could make in RPG Maker in five minutes.
Posted by Robbie Shields 4th January, 2003

ElectricPro, the title of this site is "The Daily CLICK" but then again they do allow Blitz games. Go to Gaming World if you want RPG Maker forums.
Posted by Flava 4th January, 2003

So, all agreed that this game doesn't work? :p
Posted by ElectricPro 4th January, 2003

where can i find Blitz?
Posted by Nobuyuki 4th January, 2003
Posted by Robbie Shields 5th January, 2003

Blitz is a programming language more complex than either MMF or TGF.
Posted by -_darkman_- 5th January, 2003

this site is called the daily click,click standing for klik products and therefore clickteam products. K&P,Jamaic,MMF or TGF games only i'd say
Posted by Zethell 22nd April, 2005

RPG Maker.. you guys need the RTP to make this "game" work...





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