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BlueCODE (HTML and JavaScript Game/Program coder)
Author: ElectricPro Submitted: 1st December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 148

ok. im putting the link to the image and download here first. Remember to right click to download. the image should work Direct Link because its in .epi format (jpg data). Image :

Download :

PS: This is the download and Image for my new program BlueCODE. HTML and JavaScript Coding Program that codes Applications

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Posted by TS Team 1st December, 2002

Blue code? ...
Posted by Jason Orme 2nd December, 2002

Posted by Nioreh 2nd December, 2002

Er... What
Posted by DanielRehn 2nd December, 2002

What's this good for?...
Posted by HOSJ 2nd December, 2002

GEEZ CUT THE USELESS PROGRAMS AND MAKE A GAME!!!! sorry for shouting, but clicking is supposed to be FUN.
Posted by TS Team 2nd December, 2002

Me no know blue code...:(
Posted by Eric 2nd December, 2002

its and html editor basically
Posted by DanielRehn 3rd December, 2002

I agree with HOSJ.... make some games instead for theese useless programs... if you want to make html use notepad instead...
Posted by Nir L 4th December, 2002

I didn't download this, but I'll tell you anyway - making an application could be fun too. Not all programs are useless (made by a click product I mean). Each person has a different taste... I'm currently working on an HTML program, and it sure is fun. I think most serious web designers want to use something more advanced than Notepad.
Posted by Pete Nattress 4th December, 2002

god nir, how did you write 1500 characters about this piece of crap?
Posted by Silveraura 4th December, 2002

Its not crap! My friend made it & he is proud of this program & that he was able to make with no help at all. So what if notepad can do everything this can do. Well then use it, but don't call it a peace of crap! That, that is just plain rud! Plus if you want clicking to be fun & you only want to see games. ONLY CLICK GAMES! If they say its a program, or a app. then just don't click it! Its as simple as that! But don't rip on it just because you decided to click on it! Correct me if I am wrong, but I think that the commet boards where made for ideas on making something better, bug reports, & stuff like that! If you don't like it & have an idea fine, let them know what it is. If you don't like it & you don't have an idea, just leave it alown. Don't call it a peace of crap! Plus, if you like it commet on why you like it. from what I am thinking is that about 40% of the commenters didn't even download it but commet it on what other people commet it about or bash it just because you don't like that users other creations. I thought Daily Click was ment to be fun, & a place to submit what you think is atleast half desent! Not don't death zone where you have to kill yourself just to keep from beimg bashed! I feel that we should have to leave just to keep from being knocked down. The bashers should. (Don't bash Mike! He is a friend of mine! And though hes stuff may not be the best. But that dosen't give you the right to pick on him! SO JUST STOP IT!! AND I MEAN THAT!) But for my commet, I do feel it would need a tuching up with some more features, but other then that. It seems to work for me. And seems to work fine. It dose what its ment to do, & thats why it gets a good commet from me.
Posted by Mindstorms 4th December, 2002

oh noes! you made him angry. Dont bash supar dupar notepad blue!
Posted by TS Team 4th December, 2002

I'm not reading that big paragraph. I probobly WOULD read it if it had some indents and horizonal spaces.
Posted by Nir L 5th December, 2002

Pete Nattress: If you read the review you'll see how. I just wanted to bring to the author's attention that this program needs some improvement before release. Seems to me like he published it before it was complete. Brandon: I agree that "a piece of crap" is not exactly a nice comment, but are we only supposed to say good things? Let's say there's a certain game, and 99% of the people think it's bad. They won't comment because it'd offend the author, and the 1% will say how great the game is. This will mislead the author! I say, let people speak their mind. I agree with you that sentences like "a piece of crap" should not be said, but comments along the lines of my review are definitely essential. You should read that at least twice if you're planning to comment. Chris Long: I agree with you, but this particular comment is worth reading.
Posted by ElectricPro 6th December, 2002

Nir: Im closing this application down fully meaning no more versions. Im working on another though with stuff to make it better. The other one wont be a HTML editor its gonna be either a Coding Application for program coding or its gonna be a Easy Game Maker (not to good maybe like k&p?). Anyway ill have stuff at the end asking you if you want to save changes and ill just make it better. Really.
Posted by Zap{Zapdude Productions} 22nd February, 2003

ha ha me laughing






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