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The Windows Helper
Author: ElectricPro Submitted: 27th December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 96

Edited By ElectricPro on 12/28/2002

Info: The Windows Helper allows you to create a list of a ton of files, and run them later, plus you can save the list. Very useful for people file programs, or files in hard to find folders with no shortcuts.

Ordering Info: To Order e-mail us at with your full name and age. We will e-mail you back with ordering info. Plus after your payment is received you will get a Update code.

Version: This current Version you are about to download is 1.0 Demo.

Downloading Info: Click the link to go to our website at and click on Downloads for our Downloads. Then Choose "click here to Download The Windows Helper." The file download begins.

Demo: The Demo is fully functional becides the fact of you cant save your list of files.

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Posted by Evil Monkey 27th December, 2002

I don't think anyone is going to order the full version if the demo is fully functional with unlimited time.
Posted by ElectricPro 28th December, 2002

you cant save your list of the files in the demo.
Posted by ElectricPro 28th December, 2002

not being able to save the list of files in the demo would make it so u mise well just go and find the files every time, where as the full version you would only have to find 1 file to access a ton after you added your files and saved the list.
Posted by Kamakazekrazyklown 28th December, 2002

Seems kind of pointless, I could just as well make a folder in the Start Menu and create shortcuts myself.
Posted by Evil Monkey 28th December, 2002

Still, I can immitate this in MMF, so I don't really want to buy the full version. :/
Posted by ElectricPro 28th December, 2002

yeah, but people who dont have mmf or tgf cant make one
Posted by Andrew Spier 28th December, 2002

Yes, as YoshiOfDoom said, this is EXTREMILY easy to make in MMF 1.5 within a 5-10 minute period of development. This is not worth buying at all, even if is it $0.01. NO OFFENSE! I can tell that you are probably new to MMF 1.5 by the things you've been posting. Make something USEFULL to people like my Multi-UnZip 1.11 program:
Posted by ElectricPro 29th December, 2002

how about a program that Zips and Unzips?
Posted by kreature 29th December, 2002

Don't bother downloading this; first of, you can easily create shortcuts yourself and put them on the desktop, and second, this just makes it more complicated. And I agree with Andrew, ElectricPro, no offense, but you develop a lot of crappy programs. We really don't have use for them, and don't even try to sell them. Your wasting both your own and our time. Try to come up with something new, with features never seen before. The only cost is to sit down using your time to come up with some ideas.
Posted by ElectricPro 29th December, 2002

a program that zips and unzips, cheaper then winzip.
Posted by Shen 29th December, 2002

XP comes with its own zip. And no-ones going to buy something that takes 5 mins to make in a click tool.
Posted by kreature 29th December, 2002

ElectricPro, if they want a free zip program, people often find a free one, or they crack it (lol). I said something NEW.. Don't rush it. Sit down, and take your time ! And I really advise you not to put a price on your programs. Most do this for the fun, and experience. So should you.
Posted by Yuhkaz 29th December, 2002

Who wants to buy a click application??!?! That's silly. Like Shen said, "no-ones going to buy something that takes 5 mins to make in a click tool". The only things click people would buy is like a 100MB full game on disc, or a powerful extensions licence to use it, and upgrades for the products.
Posted by Pete Nattress 31st December, 2002

i'm still waiting for the day when electricpro submits something that looks like it took more than 3 minutes to make. this is useless, sorry to say. try and give your programs some more effort. you're very naive if you think you'll be able to sell this.
Posted by Shen 31st December, 2002

I said that? Hey, someone quoted me. Cool.





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