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Performance Drawer 1.0 Demo
Author: ElectricPro Submitted: 7th January, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 114

This is a advanced drawing program that is great for creating backgrounds, and icons. Its very useful. Try it you may like this. (note: does not support opening images, sorry)

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Posted by FlooD 9th January, 2003

It's not working. I installed it but it didn't open.
Posted by Nir L 9th January, 2003

Give me a break, this is not a real loading screen is it? When the loading screen is done the application is terminated.
Posted by vortex2 9th January, 2003

Doesnt work...
Posted by ElectricPro 9th January, 2003

ok, then it must be my computer that runs RES files as applications. it should open Rm001.RES after the start screen. If you deleted these files, it wont work, try manually opening the file, if it doesnt open ill create a version using EXEs instead of RES.
Posted by Nir L 9th January, 2003

You should've done it in the first place. You're the one who should be putting the app together, not the user. Besides having more than one EXE file for the app is not always a good idea.
Posted by Nir L 9th January, 2003

BTW before publishing an app you should test it on other machines, didn't you know that? I already uninstalled it. I'm not going to download it again just because you didn't put the pieces of the app together, in order to make the fake loading screen work.
Posted by Matt K ( Kodex ) 10th January, 2003

god, these comments seem a bit voilent. give him a break, he made 1 mistake of not making it an exe, that is why we use these things isnt it? - to learn from our mistakes, and hopefully create something good after the procees of learning has been exhausted... :)
Posted by Droog 10th January, 2003

yeah shut the fuck up nir
Posted by Nir L 10th January, 2003

Sorry if it sounded a bit harsh, it wasn't meant to. It's just that I expect from apps pubished in the download area to be good enough, original, and all.
Posted by Shen 10th January, 2003

Droog, Nir, stop it or I'll get Mr Weight





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