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Breakout Performance
Author: ElectricPro Submitted: 24th December, 2002 Favourites:0
Genre: Bat And Ball Downloads: 141

Flashing objects, and differant settings make the game harder. Normal Play and Race Play. Plus in Normal Play you have 3 Settings as Easy, Normal, and Hard. The Graphics are all by me, so they may not be too good. The Game was made in The Games Factory Pro. I hope people like it. (Please some nice comments.)

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Posted by kreature 25th December, 2002

Sorry to say, it'll be hard to actually find something nice to say about this game; the engine is painful (bouncing ball mov.?), the graphics must have been made in max. 5 mins, and it's BORING. Tip #1 : Develop an engine that doesn't randomly keep bouncing 'the ball' down instead of up. Tip #2 : Use more time on graphics. When you state that 'they may not be too good', it really doesn't have anything to do with you. It's all about how much time you've given the graphical department. Settle down, draw them to they actually look like 'something'. Planning it all ahead can be a good idea (drawing sketches etc.) Tip #3 : Give your game new exciting features. Your game is just another clone, and actually its straight forward way too simple. Make power-ups, nifty design etc. Download DX-Ball (search for it) to see what I mean. Owh.. That's all, and please try again. Just DON'T rush it. Most people prefer quality before quantity.
Posted by FlooD 25th December, 2002

This sucks
Posted by ElectricPro 25th December, 2002

this is really a part development of the game, plus i have no clue on how to make custom engines, also didnt you play Hard setting for 1 Player? the screen moves up and down with the ball.
Posted by Robbie Shields 26th December, 2002

ElectricPro, you need to spend a lot more time on applications and games you make before releasing them. No offence but your previous products have not been of a good quality.
Posted by Pete Nattress 26th December, 2002

ditto robbie shields.
Posted by Shen 29th December, 2002

ditto pete natress
Posted by -_darkman_- 3rd January, 2003

ditto Shen
Posted by Smeggy 10th January, 2003

plz stop with the DITTO(ING)





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