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Auto Key Tap
Author: Assault Andy Submitted: 27th February, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 330

This handy dandy program simulates a key being presses over and over faster then any human hand is able to accomplish.

Therefore allowing you to "win" games where you have to press a button over and over.

Type in a key that you want it to press and then watch the effects.

@ the Vcade there are many games so y not test it there?

Another thing is it can be a rapid fire if the fire button is say control type "control" into the box and press start go into the game and watch the rapid fire.

There is only one bug and that is that the player some times moves randomly out of your control.

At the Vcade there is a game where you have to press shift as many times as you can. Using this program I "won" and got a gold medal.

yea so it may be cheap, thats y i only used it a couple of times. Fun Tho.

-Simulates a button
-over and over
-rapid fire
-rapid button mashing


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Posted by Kaine 28th February, 2003

very nice is there a way were it could do simulate that the key is pressed once? instead of rapid
Posted by DaveC 28th February, 2003

if the link doesn't work paste into the browser and it should be fine (DAMN GEOCITIES) anyways niceish program i suppose if your that kinda guy.
Posted by Joshtek 28th February, 2003

this is just using ControlX right.... Isn't this "game" bad for the community?
Posted by blueemu (Heretic Emu Studios) 28th February, 2003

yay at last i can save merryl in metal gear without spontanusly combusting ill have to give this a try
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 19th March, 2003

I didn't save Meryl, too bad this thing didn't come out, and the PC version of Metal Gear Solid didn't come out when I played that.
Posted by asdf asdf 18th March, 2005

umm...missing a file
Posted by Alex Li 22nd May, 2005

You can download the missing file here: But make sure its in the WINDOWS folder if you are running it.





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