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Music Surfer (Music Dancer 2)
Author: Assault Andy Submitted: 9th May, 2003 Favourites:0
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Edited By Assault Andy on 6/14/2003

Edited By Assault Andy on 5/10/2003

The sequel to Music Dancer is finally here! Music Surfer aka Music Dancer 2 allows you to play mp3s, wavs, midis and many other music file types. But it doesn't stop there, it is alot more than your average mp3 player. It has a wave rider that surfs the music waves. Check the screenies!

*plays heaps of music file types
*waves change to the volume of the music
*guy surfs on music waves
*"Now playing...."
*volume control
*wave height control (for smoother waves)
*low version and high version (explained later)
*adjust speed to volume option (S2V)
*jumps option (when enabled the surfer jumps and pulls of trix)
*open,pause,play,stop buttons
*Time in song
*line graph (goes to volume)
*better graphix than MD1

Now some of you may be wondering about some of those things, i'll expand on 3 of those features.

Jumps - When active the surfer will, fly off the ends of the waves, and pull off sweet tricks if he's high enough.

Speed to Volume (S2V) - When active the surfer will surf as fast as how loud the volume is.... That kinda doesn't make sense so you might want to try this out for yourself.

I have also made two versions, a low quality one and a high quality one. They are no differant apart from the fact that the high version uses more objects so that the wave is smoother but it's slower. And the Low version does the opposite. The screenies are from the low version.

They are both downloadable here:



-Andy (12, CCsoft)

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Posted by Mitch M 10th May, 2003

Good Job! Btw, issn't that the coolest song ever? ( Check screenie 4 )
Posted by Assault Andy 10th May, 2003

Lol, yes the Matrix is coming out soon so I was listening to that. Btw why isn't this on the new downloads???
Posted by matrixkitty 13th May, 2003

link down
Posted by Assault Andy 14th May, 2003

The link might be down if Csar's comps not on, because he hosts the site on his comp.
Posted by CsaR 25th May, 2003

they are digging alot in my area and have done something to the phone lines so my connection has been failing lately.
Posted by Ian M. Phoenix 26th May, 2003

Good idea, badly implemented. First of all, someone would have to open up this game and each song after another to enjoy music (because there are no playlists, bookmarks etc.) but that would be excusable is this were an exceptional music visualization. But the waves are way too jumpy, and the surfer bounces with them so there's no possible way for it to flow with the music at all. The jumps and flips made it a bit more interesting, but still, it's not a good enough visualisation to go through the hassle to open and play. Sorry, just stating my opinion.
Posted by Assault Andy 30th May, 2003

Btw check number 1, that has a playlist.





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