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Harvest Moon Engine
Author: Assault Andy Submitted: 23rd September, 2004 Favourites:0
Genre: Engine Downloads: 1222

Edited By Assault Andy on 9/23/2004

I have never seen a Harvest Moon fan game, so I give you my creation of one. All of the sprites are ripped from the GBA version HM:FoMT. In my opinion there's nothing wrong with ripped sprites, fangames just have bad reputations from being created by people with little expierance.

Arrows: Movement
Z: Holding animation test
X: pickup/putdown and interact
C: use hoe
1: Save game
2: Load game
backspace: leave house

Have fun, and there may be a few known bugs in there.

For the continue to work you must first go 'start' then save the game using the '1' key. Next time you press continue your farm will be loaded from where it previously was.

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Posted by Assault Andy 23rd September, 2004

Download seems to be doing strange things, try this:
Posted by The Chris Street 24th September, 2004

Goddamn you, I was considering a Harvest Moon clone as my post Mr Stumps 2 game ;)
Posted by Gamer 24th September, 2004

Posted by Assault Andy 24th September, 2004

LoL Circy. I have been wanting to do this for a while!
Posted by Retired Kliker Lazarus 24th September, 2004

Matt thinks this engine is sexy. :O
Posted by Gonzalas Khelmapour Diviniochi 25th September, 2004

This looks superb!
Posted by 醤油の兵士 25th September, 2004

matt should press the C key:P
Posted by Jamesbuc 25th September, 2004

me likes this. :)
Posted by Jamesbuc 25th September, 2004

waitaminute are thouse ripped GBA sprites?
Posted by UNstopable Flying Asshole 25th September, 2004

waitaminute didn't he said they were?
Posted by Assault Andy 26th September, 2004

Yes they are ripped from GBA. That's what I said in my description.
Posted by Elvn 9th November, 2004

It's very yummy! Now you should make it so you randomly discover coins when using the hoe :)
Posted by lonely jung 22nd February, 2005

i like harvest moon game ...don't u like it the same same as me..?>?
Posted by Blagenstrol 22nd February, 2005

need some kinda ddl file...
Posted by lonely jung 26th February, 2005

..ha ha ha dunno y i like tit g@m3 s0 much..
Posted by Helpme 21st March, 2005

Help me!!! Where can i get a link in downloading HarvestMoon:FoMT VisualBoyAdvance....Pls give me a link or email me
Posted by Zezima 11th May, 2005

All i want to know is where you got these sprites. I love this game!
Posted by Gamesreul 20th June, 2005

This is a very non-fun game. I cannot even leave my farm. Cannot change tools. You don't even see yourself in your house. I would just rather play the original for my GBA. It is much better.
Posted by Gamesreul 20th June, 2005

You cannot go to the other weird harvest moon friends of the sun website cause it was abandoned. Bye
Posted by phraZe 15th February, 2007

If its an engine you should be able to get the source too.
Posted by dub 18th February, 2008

Anyone maybe still got this engine lying around and can re-up it somewhere?
Posted by lancer 23rd January, 2009
Rated :

where do i download harvest moon Friends Of Mineral Town

Posted by Dr. James MD 31st May, 2009

You weren't wrong, this was your previous latest game
Posted by G. Hull 12th March, 2010

Link doesn't work. Please fix =\





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