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Meteor Engine Test
Author: Assault Andy Submitted: 9th April, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Retro Downloads: 400

Edited By Assault Andy on 4/10/2003

Edited By Assault Andy on 4/9/2003

This is a engine test of my game "Meteor." It is here to test if everybody likes the movement. If you do then i'll finish it off.

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Posted by Mitch M 9th April, 2003

Looks cool! Downloading... Also like your previeuw. ( Just saying it here so I don't have to say it there.. Good point right?? )
Posted by Mitch M 9th April, 2003

Ok.. Can't run... Might wanna' change it into a *.exe file
Posted by Dark One Entertainment 9th April, 2003

This isn't even meteor its a car game! And you can't even do anything!
Posted by CsaR 9th April, 2003

he's right actually..I think you linked to the wrong file. The current file is an example of two cars where the sounds comes from different directions
Posted by Assault Andy 10th April, 2003

Good point
Posted by Assault Andy 10th April, 2003

I changed the file Lol.
Posted by funkyseaweed 10th April, 2003

I found it kinda difficult to control, but maybe thats just me :S
Posted by Lew 16th April, 2003

Pretty good engine-but for more 'fun', try making the left-right movement more 'delayed' like the gravity.
Posted by Simon Colmer 18th May, 2003

its kool
Posted by joe 25th May, 2003

i think it accelrates to fast but..





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