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Platform Movement Extension Example
Author: Assault Andy Submitted: 2nd September, 2003 Favourites:0
Genre: Tutorial Downloads: 2386

Edited By Assault Andy on 6/3/2010

Hey everyone, firstly I'd just like to point out this is an example based on the extension "Platform Movement extension." It is the greatest extension ever, and if you have MMF but don't have this extension..... Then get it!

This example explains how to do some basic and some more complex movements with the new object (Even though the extension makes complex movements easy ). It includes:

*Movement (Inlcudes Jumping)
*Water (Swimming)



Update: Download link updated 3/06/2010

Review This Download (175kb )

Posted by Assault Andy 2nd September, 2003

Here is some extra information on the extension: You can edit the preset platoform movements, and add your own. Just go to the extensions folder and open "Platformmovpresets.ini" it contains the preset values and adding your own saves time when you next want to recreate that same movement. -Andy
Posted by Tom 2nd September, 2003

It's all good folks. {smilebig}
Posted by Zip2kx 2nd September, 2003

is there anyway to download this extension seperate because i dont need the rest
Posted by ChrisB 2nd September, 2003
Posted by Lew 2nd September, 2003

Zip2kx just said 'I'm a pirate, sue me' I think. Nice example. I couldn't work the thing myself :P mind you I only spent a minute
Posted by Zip2kx 2nd September, 2003

no im not a pirate i just dont want 10 extensions i wont use
Posted by ChrisB 2nd September, 2003

Good. Because there will be 8 objects you supposedly won't use. :P
Posted by Weston L 2nd September, 2003

Is this extension available for The Games Factory?
Posted by Silveraura 2nd September, 2003

no, only MMF 1.5. ;-) Its sweet how now you can make custom movement outcomes with the ease of standered movement outcome!
Posted by danjo 2nd September, 2003

AA must live on the planet mars where the gravity is 1/3 of ours O_o
Posted by istvan 3rd September, 2003

please make a version for us TGF users, i feel so left out:(
Posted by ChrisB 3rd September, 2003

The diamond is actually 1cm tall and we're looking at it in slow motion through a small camera.
Posted by Monkey Soft 3rd September, 2003

When you go in the water it's so damn slow!
Posted by Jack Galilee 3rd September, 2003

Posted by Jack Galilee 3rd September, 2003

Posted by Lew 3rd September, 2003

Istvan, the extension is MMF 1.5 only so you can't do it in TGF. I have a feeling we're going to be bombed with newbie games with great platform engines, perfect saving, smooth directional bosses, loading screens with progress bars they dont need and fancy text effects. Ahh well, it makes a change from the crap we've got already.
Posted by DEC Stuff 3rd September, 2003

Um. I think Magic Deque is 10x better than the platform object. It's awesome for data.
Posted by bhlaab 7th September, 2003

I've tried to install the bonus pack, but it syas that I do not actually have MMF installed. Thanks, bonus pack. Just give me the extensions, please.
Posted by mako ilioinos 16th September, 2003

This thing is GREAT!
Posted by Mr Icekirby 30th January, 2004

o great i just fell off the edge of the world...
Posted by Coop 23rd August, 2004

when i extract it, it says theres nothing to extract :(. i wanna learn this platform movement extension to. and im to lazy to do it by myself :P
Posted by The Green Stranger 17th November, 2004

Tis very good. Though, I've seen better Static Engine's over at SFGHQ. Man, I wish this extension was available for TGF Pro too...
Posted by Ch 19th July, 2005

It sucks that this isnt for TGF. Im= was looking foward to it too.
Posted by Tokala The Fox 15th January, 2009
Rated :

It's kind of a hassle to work if you don't know what it all means. Reading up on it is required. Also, sacrificing animations and programming directly linked to the actual object rather than the 'movement object' hardly makes this worth it, in my opinion. This is a very nice tutorial though.
Posted by Chronos 2nd June, 2010

Aww, the link is dead
Posted by Chronos 2nd June, 2010

lol my post is so that bad??? Didn't mean to, this thing was submitted 03. wow. sorry.
Posted by Assault Andy 3rd June, 2010

Hey Chronos, I just updated the link and PM'd you the new download. Thanks for having interest in this old example





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