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Skud: Peace n' Packages
Author: Johnny Look Submitted: 3rd October, 2006 Favourites:0
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 217

Edited By Johnny Look on 10/4/2006

Skud: Peace n' Packages is a platformer, with 20 levels I've been developing with my bro, Mike D. who's another user of this forum. Our main objective was to make a game like the oldie ones, such as Mario, but with original graphics and with some kinda physics engine. The game took 5 month to complete.

The Story:

Skud was a very happy dude but someday TPS, the company he work for, closed because the Golden Package, the source of the power of all TPS's factories have been stolen by Van de Wyn, a very jealous man. And, guess what... Skud is going to recover the Golden Package ! To do it, he'll have to pass through Mountains, Caverns and finally, Van de Wyn's Factory.

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Posted by The Chris Street 3rd October, 2006

Better description before we accept, please.
Posted by Johnny Look 4th October, 2006

Is it good enough ?
Posted by steve 5th October, 2006

Sounds fantastic in the descripition!
Downloading now
Posted by Johnny Look 5th October, 2006

ur kidding, right ?
Posted by steve 5th October, 2006

no, I was seriously optomistic

*Good use of paralax
*nice to see your own graphics and not ripped

*gameplay felt a bit dull
*there is a very awkward jump in the first level which kinda made me give up (even though I did pass it once)

Not very much "fun factor" study the classics that inspired you and ask yourself "what is making this game so fun?" then make another game, a better game.
Posted by Johnny Look 5th October, 2006

Ok dude, thanks for your kind comment .
Posted by Johnny Look 7th October, 2006

Why do you say that ?
Posted by Fragasnap 9th October, 2006

If you used a custom platform engine (Which I assume you did) then this is a pretty good game to use as an engine, but it kinda feels monotonous (granted most all games do after a while), I just don't feel like I'm going anywhere, (bosses can usually fix this problem, at least for me) and I don't even feel like I've accomplished anything now that I've beaten the game.

The Graphics are good (I'm a sucker for paralax), but smileys (even the ones with shades) aren't especially good characters to use.

Good luck and I look forward to your future games.
Posted by Johnny Look 9th October, 2006

Thanks you mr. Super Cool Dude, finally some positive feedback .
Yeah my bro used a custom engine, but when we started the game, it was still full of problems.

But he's working on it. I guess.
Posted by izac 11th October, 2006

Looks nice. *Downloading*
Posted by izac 11th October, 2006

Quite nice. And it seems like you've made your own Platform engine.

Although the engine needs alittle work. You can overlap backdrops. But it's nothing magor.

I thought it was pretty good. And becuase it's your first submitted game(Becuase you only have this game in your Other Creations list), i'll give it a thumbs up!

And i think Phizzy deserves a definete ban!





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