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Atrox Online beta version
Author: Johnny Look Submitted: 3rd April, 2009 Favourites:1
Genre: Role Playing Game Downloads: 225
Online Game (Uses OINC/Lacewing)

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Edited By Johnny Look on 4/3/2009

Official Site:

Atrox Online is a MMORPG in development by the same creator of the uber awesome black and white platformer Little Ghost Joe.
Inspired by games such as Ultima Online and the likes, our objective is to introduce unique gameplay mechanics and at the same time create a immersive and accessible world.
Our biggest concern is to give the player as much freedom as possible, in every aspect of the game.

Here's the second playable version of Atrox Online. Please keep in mind that this version is mainly for testing purposes, so don't judge it as it was the full game.
Most features aren't available yet and there's only one quest, but the game is improved in many ways compared to the alpha version.

Anyone can now download the game without having to register, and the game will update automatically so you won't need to download any more updates.

Here's the some of the biggest additions:

-The whole engine was converted to the OINC networking library for faster and more reliable networking
-Fixed very annoying crash when the player dies or when users leave the server
-Visual personalization: Choose you hair style and color; clothes, armors, shoes, helmets and so on will be visible on your character (meaning you'll no longer run around naked)
-Many new items (including new clothes with diferent colors)
-Improved Battle System
-More balanced gameplay
-Added Spells and Mana
-First quests
-First NPCs
-Update tool

Feedback is very very important at this stage, so please don't be shy !

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Posted by alastair john jack 4th April, 2009

How long is it meant to say "Entering Area" for? Cause it's been on that screen for quite a long time.
Posted by Rhys D 4th April, 2009

Hey i've tried it out and it seems great for a MMORPG made in MMF so far!

only things I noticed, walking could be a tad faster and the combat is really uninspiring and boring, maybe you could add an action bar so you can have more abilities available to attack enemies?

also I think you should be able to see the level of the player (maybe in brackets after their name)

maybe also there needs to be a visible number display for health and mana, I had no idea how much mana I had remaining and when I was able to use my spells..!

um other than that...the chat typing area should only come into focus if you press a key to enable typing, I found myself accidentally typing sometimes walking around

good job!
Comment edited by Rhys D on 4/4/2009
Posted by Rhys D 4th April, 2009

also I think the tab button is conflicting with the chat box, wont let me cast spells sometimes and flashes the chat cursor a lot
Posted by Rikus 4th April, 2009

i liked it , very cool programming with the login and getting everyhing working, one thing if please the guy could walk faster, he is to darn slow for a hero
Posted by Johnny Look 4th April, 2009

alspal: That's a (rare) bug caused by oinc, nothing major just restart the game.

Rhys D: Thanks a lot ! Most of the suggestions you gave will on the game by the next version.

Rikus: Thanks I already have the basic skeleton of a mmorpg working, this version is meant to test out everything and fix what needs to be fixed so that I can start to inject all the content.

Posted by UrbanMonk 4th April, 2009

Pretty good so far, I can't wait to see where this game goes. Keep up the good work.
Posted by W3R3W00F 4th April, 2009

I found it rather enjoyable for a beta version. I would suggest stopping the character when typing though.

Good beta I must say.
Posted by Otter 4th April, 2009

I couldn't get past entering area either, I've tried it multiple times too...
Posted by Ruper 5th April, 2009

I had two clients running where I played as the same character.
Posted by Matthew Wiese 5th April, 2009
Rated :

This game is awesome! Reminds me of my kiddie days of Runescape! Thanks for that memory. As this game is way better than RS, I give you a 5! The only thing that really annoyed me was the slow character speed, it looks like the rats walks faster than the char.

Anyway good job!

Btw, is it possible to add the feature so that when you create a character you register that name?
Posted by alastair john jack 5th April, 2009

Yeah the slow speed and lack of animations was what annoyed me the most at this stage, the game is really good so far though, nice and solid!
Posted by Otter 5th April, 2009

I just wish I could play it ;_;
It looks to be amazing...
Posted by 3kliksphilip 5th April, 2009
Rated :

Quit your firewall.

Everybody's responses sound quite mechanical. There's a feel to this game. It's not much of a game- just a sunny field with a rat-bopping quest, but when you're on there with a couple of people, it's fantastic to walk about in your new armour, discussing the possibilities of oinc...

Very solid engine. I don't know about you but this game actually makes me want them to start the game again at the next level. Let players group up against rats and other monsters! Ohohohohhhh... PLEASE make a tutorial on this sort of stuff, I want a go at making something with this technology!

I'm going to rate this 5 stars because I've never seen it done this smoothly and professionally on MMF2 before. It shows a lot of promise and I look forward to later versions... and I HATE MMORPG's normally.
Posted by Rhys D 5th April, 2009

just wondering, from what I saw the actual creatures aren't server side...obviously it would be a bitch to code it server side but maybe displaying an icon on the players head if they are engaged in battle?
Posted by UrbanMonk 5th April, 2009

Yes it is not server side, nothing in this game is, the only thing the server does is send messages between the players.
Posted by Johnny Look 6th April, 2009

Thanks everyone !

Wiiman: That's odd, try creating a new character. Otherwise that could be caused by a firewall like 3kliksphilip said.

Matthew: It's not one of my priorities tbh but it's something I want to do soon

3kliksphilip: Actually it's something I had thought of, but a tutorial about creating a mmorpg from scratch would take me a huge amount of work and time, so I'll only be able to do it once I have more free time. However it's promised.

Rhys D: Good idea, working on that right now

Posted by Johnny Look 6th April, 2009

New updates !

No need to download anything, the game will update automatically.

Here's a list of some the new features:

-More Sound Effects (When level up, when new player arrives, when player leaves)

-Add Level number right to the name of the player

-Warning when player is fighting

-New messages when player dies or leaves the game

-Added Life and Mana number counters

-When a player dies, a blood stain will appear at the location where he died

-Chat box now opens and closes by pressing Enter

Posted by Rhys D 6th April, 2009

bit of a bug, all the other players have the same name and level...and im missing the armor I got last time I tried it
Posted by Rhys D 6th April, 2009

also, you shouldn't have collisions between players, it will lead to immature people blocking doors etc.
Posted by Johnny Look 6th April, 2009

thanks for letting me know I just fixed the players name and level bug. I think there's a bug with saving, sometimes it doesn't save properly, expect a bug fix soon. Now about the players collision, yeah you're right, I'll try to find another alternative for PvP so that people dont cross over each other while fighting.
Posted by Rhys D 7th April, 2009

p.s. hit me with a pm if you want/need any graphics
Posted by Johnny Look 7th April, 2009

Rhys D sure thanks a lot mate !

Just released a new version, this one has safe disconnecting and saving so the game will no longer corrupt saves and will save correctly every time.
This version also fixes most of the bugs pointed out in the last version like the players name and level and there's no longer collisions between players.
Comment edited by Johnny Look on 4/7/2009
Posted by Rhys D 7th April, 2009

saving still isn't working for me...the slots dont even say "empty" any more until I physically delete them.

I tried just then and got a character to level 2, logged him out and tried logging back in and he had disappeared.
Posted by breadbeard 7th April, 2009

You are a click god! this has got to be the best MMO ever made with MMF.
I bet the grid movement will cut down on lag, good idea.
I wish it had a fullscreen option though.
Also, maybe you could somehow port it to iPhone! Than it would be the first ever iPhone MMO!
Very nice transparent menus too by the way.
Comment edited by breadbeard on 4/7/2009
Posted by ELC_Games 7th April, 2009

Sorry for being such a pest, but the installation process stopped at 60% for me. Your game looks very interesting, and I really want to download it, but nothing seems to be working to get the installation bar past 60%! Could you give me any advice?
Posted by Johnny Look 7th April, 2009

Rhys D: That's really really weird, I tested saving over and over, deleting characters and everything worked fine. What OS are you using btw ? It might be a vista issue, does anyone else has the same problem ?

breadbeard: Thanks a lot mate
You can turn fullscreen on, it's on the configuration utility which you can find in the game's folder or in windows's start up menu.
About a iphone port, well it would be awesome, but it would be really hard to put this game running smoothly on the iphone's hardware.

ELC_Games: Really weird, try redownloading the game and running the instalation again to see if it works.
Are you using Vista btw ?
Posted by ELC_Games 8th April, 2009

Yeah, I use Vista. Does that cause any installation problems?

Edit: Okay, now the install worked, but I'm having trouble installing the update. Is there any way to skip past this stage?
Comment edited by ELC_Games on 4/8/2009
Posted by Rhys D 8th April, 2009

also, any chance you can save the x y position of the player when logging out/exciting?
Posted by alastair john jack 8th April, 2009

that would be cool, except if you spawn on a monster
Posted by Rhys D 8th April, 2009

maybe a logout zone then? I dunno, but when the world gets larger it would be really annoying if you logged back in at the spawn zone and had to walk forever to get back to where you were

also saves on lag if heaps of people are logging in / starting new characters
Posted by Johnny Look 8th April, 2009

ELC_Games: well it wasn't supposed to but aparently Vista does seem to be causing problems. The reason why the game doesn't update is because the game is probably installed in the programs files folder, which vista considers to be a system folder so it wont let anything using the updater install there. The solution is installing the game in your desktop, should fix the problem.

Rhys D:The vista problem I mentioned above is probably what's causing all the troubles with saving to you. Running the game as adminstrator should fix the problem.
About saving and loading the player's position, well the player will be able to restart in the closest town he was in the last time he played, to avoid the problem alspal mentioned, so you won't have to cross the entire world to get where you were.
Posted by Johnny Look 8th April, 2009

Just released a new version with many bug fixes and two new important additions:

Player vs Player, now you can attack other players; and machine independent speed which means the game now runs faster and at the same speed in every computer.

Once again no need to download anything the game will update automatically

Posted by Jason Orme 9th April, 2009
Rated :

Very nice and solid engine. Something i've tried to do with my Open Source RPG Engine. Didnt get to see anyone else on unfortunatly. A little suggestion, when the player has leveled up, restore they health to max.
Posted by Johnny Look 10th April, 2009

Thanks for the suggestion !

As soon as the game nears 100% playable status, I'm pretty confident the game will be way more populated, so finding new players will surely not be as hard.
Posted by Skelux 13th April, 2009

Downloaded. Seems pretty good so far, I really hope you finish this game Image. I just have one question; will I have to start again at the next update?
Comment edited by Skelux on 4/13/2009
Posted by Johnny Look 15th April, 2009

Sure I will !
And no you won't have to start the game again at the next build

Thanks !
Posted by Skelux 17th April, 2009

Hurrah! I will be looking forward to the next update Image.

Comment edited by Skelux on 4/23/2009
Posted by Johnny Look 17th April, 2009


Thanks for the donation btw !
Posted by Rhys D 27th April, 2009

any updates on this??
Posted by Johnny Look 2nd May, 2009

see the projects section

More updates soon





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