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A Man With a Monocle 1.1 demo
Author: Johnny Look Submitted: 1st December, 2010 Favourites:1
Genre: Platformer Downloads: 198

Official site:

In A Man With A Monocle you follow the story of Henry, a noble turned traveler in order to discover the secrets of his mysterious monocle and his new friend, a ghost trapped inside and his guide through this journey.

This game features, among other things, an interesting and unpredictable story, some challenging old-school platforming action, a truly absorbing soundtrack composed by Johan Hargne and many different and interesting locations full of secrets and shortcuts.
The full version also includes a level editor.

This new version contains some significant improvements, most of them suggested by the players.

Some of those improvements include improved player control, improved collision detection and the dialogues and cutscenes can now be skipped. For a list of all the new stuff go here:

Obviously, this demo has been updated to the new version and is structured differently from the old one and shows a bit more of the story. Hopefully it does more justice to the full game than the older demo.

Also of note is the new December sale.
For the entire month, the game will be priced at 4.99$, 50% cheaper.

You may buy the game here:

Feedback is welcome as always as I plan on releasing further patches.

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Posted by johnpow66 2nd December, 2010
Rated :

i really liked the graphics and the music for this game nice job
Posted by Johnny Look 2nd December, 2010

Thanks mate





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