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Edge The Game
Author: Johnny Look Submitted: 21st June, 2009 Favourites:0
Genre: Action Downloads: 281
Online Game

Edited By Jon Lambert on 11/11/2009

Official Site:

Edge The Game is online First Person Shooter written in Blitz3D by myself. This game was made mostly for the Edge compo over at TIGS but it turned out pretty well ihmo contrary to my own expectations.
This version is pretty improved from the beta I posted yesterday in the projects section, and includes a windowed version so that you can do something else while you wait for someone to join your game for example.
Needless to say, I open to your criticism.

There is a huge background behind the game, but since the story is too long to be told here I'll just write down the most important parts of the story:

Someone called Tim Langdell threatened and tried to extort money from indie game developers Mobigame,as their game Edge supposedly infringed his trademark The Edge.
The whole thing grew to epic proportions and thanks to some people's investigations, it was found that the man's company tried to tie itself to some reputable entities like the Edge
Magazine, a hollywood movie and much more thanks to it's trademark "The Edge". Also shocking is that the guy is member of the IGDA, and guess what, they are trying to stay away from the whole thing, even if IGDA's reputation is at stake (and seriously threatened imo).

Also worth mentioning is the fact his company used to be located in London, but they ran away to the United States to escape a UK court verdict after not having paid several programmers working for them. He was also involved in several scams like one in particular where he promissed a prize worth 35,000 to the first player who could solve all the riddle in his game "Quo Vadis" but, surprise surprise, nobody ever received it, even though several players mailed his company but were told they didn't answered the riddles correctly, simply because it was impossible to solve all the riddles.


WASD- Move
F1/F2 - enable disable Chat
1,2,3- Select Weapon (if you have it)
Voice commands- F5,F6,F7,F8,F9,F10,F11,F12

Game Instructions:

Join Game- When joining a game it will chack automatically for servers. If nothing pops it's
probably because there are no games going on. Keep refreshing from time to time or else host a
game yourself.

If you find a game available, just click on it.

Game Options- Don't forget to stop by the options menu to change your name and your character.

Input Options-Change Mouse Sensitivity and Smoothness

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Posted by Callebo 22nd June, 2009

This looks amazing, but i can't host or join a game. Either nothing happens or i get some weird memory error
Posted by W3R3W00F 22nd June, 2009
Rated :

I like it! It seemed to have alot of bloom to the game, but It's probably my comp's monitor settings. I also noticed when a exited the "about" screen, my gun didn't follow my mouse anymore.

Still, This is really cool!
Posted by MrPineapple 22nd June, 2009
Rated :

yeah the bloom is pretty intense but it can be turned off in the settings

all in all i see a lot of potential fun here!
Posted by s-m-r 22nd June, 2009

Having trouble starting the game...any idea why I might receive a "memory access violation" error?

I tried it with and without the video option selected. Running Windows XP, SP3. 64MB video card.
Posted by Solgryn 22nd June, 2009

"Memory access violation" error when I enter the game.. You seriously need to fix that I really want to play :/
running Windows Vista 512MB graphics memory 4G memory
Comment edited by Solgryn on 6/22/2009
Posted by Johnny Look 22nd June, 2009

Ok the crashes are starting to worry me, people who get memory access violation errors, try disabling the HDR at the game options, however my best guess is that the network library is causing all these crashes.

Also thanks for posting you system specifications, actually I thought this was a Vista problem only, but turns out it also happens on XP which is definitively not a good sign.

I will probably work on a new version with a diferent newtork lib, which hopefully won't cause any crashes. Image.gif" border=0 alt="">
Comment edited by Johnny Look on 6/22/2009
Posted by s-m-r 22nd June, 2009

Yes, I attempted it with and without the HDR option selected; I mentioned it was a "video option" above because I don't know what "HDR" indicates. WinXP system here.
Posted by Johnny Look 23rd June, 2009

mmh so now at least I'm sure that the post processing effects are not causing the crashes.
Posted by steve 23rd June, 2009

the screenshots look a bit like N64 goldeneye!
Can't wait to test it out... downloading.
Posted by steve 23rd June, 2009

tried playing a few times but nobody else is ever on?

just played again "memory access violation" when i started shooting.
Comment edited by steve on 6/23/2009
Posted by Johnny Look 23rd June, 2009

Ok that's it I'm converting the engine to a diferent and previously stress tested network library, as well as the servers list system will be re written from scratch.

btw thanks steve, I'm a goldeye fan myself
Posted by steve 23rd June, 2009

looking forward to playing a working version. The 'golden gun' bought back memories

Used to love playing goldeneye 4 player
Posted by Johnny Look 23rd June, 2009

ahahah I was inspired by goldeneye and duke nukem, I think it's easy to tell.
Yeah sometimes I get back to goldeye using emulators, since my n64 crapped out a long time ago, sadly
Posted by Matthew Wiese 25th June, 2009
Rated :

Real fun! I just played by myself, and it was still fun.This game has so much potential, I hope you continually update it! I'd also like to have someone to play against.
Posted by Carlguy (HTL) 25th June, 2009

AT LAST a game on TDC that doesn't look gay. Will give this a try.
Posted by steve 25th June, 2009

How can a game look "gay"?
Game's dont have sexual preferences.

Posted by Matthew Wiese 26th June, 2009
Rated :

Unless Carlguy has sexual preferences for his games.
Posted by s-m-r 29th June, 2009

"I'd also like to have someone to play against."

I'm sure that, when the net library issues are sorted, there will be plenty of folks interested in setting up scheduled games (myself included...!).

I'm eagerly anticipating playing a few rounds of this sometime soon. Image
Comment edited by s-m-r on 6/29/2009
Posted by MrPineapple 30th June, 2009
Rated :

i open it occasionally to check for servers but i rarely see any.
Posted by Johnny Look 30th June, 2009

Thanks everyone !

I've already been working on the game, there has been so many changes and improvements it's hard to remember them all. At the moment I'm converting the game to a diferent network library, and this one is faster, more reliable and 100% stable, I tested it in 5 diferent pcs without a single crash. Plus it was already used in many other projects so I highly doubt I'll have any problems.

After the release of the new version I'll open a new site and will start organizing a tournament with a pretty interesting prize. It's not monetary but it's even better.
Posted by Knockturnal 3rd September, 2009

Update drivers + Direct X. Might just solve the memory thing.





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