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Atrox Online alpha version
Author: Johnny Look Submitted: 25th February, 2009 Favourites:3
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Edited By Rikus on 2/25/2009

Edited By Johnny Look on 2/25/2009

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Atrox Online is a MMORPG in development by the same creator of the uber awesome black and white platformer Little Ghost Joe.
Inspired by games such as Ultima Online and the likes, our objective is to introduce unique gameplay mechanics and at the same time create a immersive and accessible world.
Our biggest concern is to give the player as much freedom as possible, in every aspect of the game.

Here's the first playable version of Atrox Online. Please keep in mind that this version is mainly for testing purposes, so don't judge it as it was the full game.
Most features aren't available yet and the players are always naked, but it's already playable and we really need your feedback.

PLEASE NOTE that you need to register to download the game.

oh and special thanks to TDC for hosting the primary server !
We'll use TDC's server until we release the first betas then we'll start using my server.

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Posted by W3R3W00F 25th February, 2009


I know someone, almost right after this post, is going to say something dumb like...

"Why are they naked?!" Lol naw.

Posted by Chloe Sagal 25th February, 2009
Rated :

it looks very cool! it kind of reminds me of AO, what with atrox being the title. i hope you improve the battle system... its not the most interesting, well neiter are most online rpgs, but thats not the nitpicking you need. the only problem i see so far is that everytime i die i get booted. i cant tell you why, it just kind of happens.
Posted by Callebo 25th February, 2009
Rated :

This looks promising But when I died I got an error and the game closed
Posted by \/\/olf 25th February, 2009

looks great. Keep working
Posted by Mr G 25th February, 2009

Lol, naked

I'll try it later on
Posted by CsaR 25th February, 2009
Rated :

Looks good, very promising.
I agree with miss chloecakes that the battle system is pretty boring but I guess that can be expected in an early alpha.
The character moved pretty slow, a run button would be good. Maybe double tapping a directional key?

Btw are the clothes going to look like they do in the shop on the character or how is that going to work?
Posted by Johnny Look 25th February, 2009

Thanks everyone !
I think by the next alpha you'll be able to have proper clothing, so no more naked characters.

miss chloecakes: about the battle system, yeah it's a bit basic atm but we're working on it, we'll include animations when you attack and add more variety by adding spells, special attacks and so on, as well as a few extra details.

About the crashes well yeah unfortunatly I'm aware of that, fixing that bug is one of my biggest priorities at the moment. I think it's some bug within moo so it might be a good reason to convert the engine to OINC.

Posted by Johnny Look 25th February, 2009

Csar: Thanks !
Like I said, we're working on improving the battle system, so maybe by the next version there will be already some improvements

About the speed of the character, well that's a good idea, surely something I'll keep in mind. Thanks

About the clothes, yes they are going to look like they do in the shop, but by the next version there will be more types of clothes/armors available so that not all the characters look the same.

Posted by Mr G 25th February, 2009

Was gonna download it, but you linked it to a login required forum, which I don't want to waste my time registering

Please post a direct link to the game file...
Posted by W3R3W00F 25th February, 2009

THAT'S time wasting?

Gee, if no one had to register, anybody could play without an account. That's WHY you need to register.
Posted by Johnny Look 26th February, 2009

well kinda, you don't really need an account to play as the account is created in game, the reason why you can only download the game through our forum is to avoid this version to spread as people could start linking the game in their sites, and then it could be judged as a full game. This way I have much more control over the downloads.





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