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Bullet Widget v3.0
Author: Sketchy Submitted: 19th October, 2008 Favourites:0
Genre: Miscellaneous Downloads: 293

Edited By Sketchy on 10/19/2008

NOTE TO ADMINS: It turns out the original zip was corrupt. It's fixed now, so if you have trouble, try re-downloading. Thanks.

This is the latest version of a widget I have made to help with 360 degree shooting.

For those that don't know, widgets are objects containing pre-coded events in their behaviours. They are designed to fuction independently of other objects and can be copied between projects, and used to handle common tasks without the need to rewrite a lot of events.

If you're new to MMF2 and want to add 360 shooting, this widget could help.

Bullet Widget includes the following features:

* mouse aiming,
* automatic sprite rotation (32-dir, 360-speed, 360-quality),
* variable projectile speed & angle,
* ability to limit range & accuracy,
* gravity.

Full instructions are included in the widget's behaviour.
It would be nice to know if anyone actually uses this.

IMPORTANT: This requires a recent build of MMF2, as it use the ATan2 function.

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Posted by Cecilectomy 20th October, 2008
Rated :

nice. hurray for widgets.
Posted by UrbanMonk 20th October, 2008

it just crashes as soon as I click my mouse, I'm I missing something?
Posted by alibaba 20th October, 2008

and there was me thinking a widget was a small ball found in cans of guiness and bitters to give the'cream flow'. hmmmmmmm
Posted by s-m-r 20th October, 2008

Haha! I suppose I could have waited about a month for the official release, eh? I'll check this widget out later this week. It would be nice to try out the accuracy features and see how they work.

Thanks again for being such a generous, helpful coder, Sketchy!!!
Posted by Sketchy 20th October, 2008

UrbanMonk: Do you have the latest build of MMF2? This uses the ATan2 function which wasn't added until #248.
Posted by erghhhhx 21st October, 2008

Gah, evil new extensions.. =/

Can't use this. :[
Posted by Sketchy 21st October, 2008

huh? it doesn't use any extensions - you just need to update MMF.
Posted by Knockturnal 26th October, 2008

It failed to auto update last time it tried. What should i do to get the latest build?
Posted by Sketchy 26th October, 2008

You should be able to download it from the clickteam website here;

Posted by Velovix 21st November, 2008

I got the latest version of mmf2 and still it crashes as soon as I click to shoot...this was exactly what I was looking for
Posted by _Randall_ 1st December, 2008

Im pretty sure i have the latest build, but whenever i click to shoot in the demo the bullet flies in a random direction... am i missing something?





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