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Pseudo-3D Building Example
Author: Sketchy Submitted: 21st April, 2011 Favourites:1
Genre: Engine Downloads: 798

Edited By Sketchy on 1/6/2012

I've since made an improved version of this engine, which you can find here:
It has a lot of new features, fewer bugs, and improved performance.

This is an example of the top-down, fake 3D graphics used by games such as "Grand Theft Auto" (1 & 2 - not the later installments in the series).

I created it for Vetmora120 - you can read his forum thread here:

It relies on a 3D Pixel shader created by Werbad, so a big thank you to him.
You MUST be using the HWA version of MMF2(/TGF2?) for this to work - you can download it from the Clickteam forums.

Please read the comments in the file itself for further information.

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Posted by Jenswa 22nd April, 2011

Whoha that's nice
Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 24th April, 2011

Yeah this is really awesome!
Posted by vetmora120 24th April, 2011

Thanks again, Sketchy. This is awesome!
Posted by Matthew J 27th April, 2011

Very Nice! I havent had any time to mess around with the Shader yet. But will it allow multi levels using layers? so you can have some buildings taller, and maybe bridges etc like in the original GTA's. Also depending on rendering order if you put buildings beside each other it will not function properly, sometimes it does

Overall i love the effect, would be great for a top down shooter.
Posted by Sketchy 27th April, 2011

Thanks guys

Multiple elevations should be possible, but more difficult and probably quite a bit slower.

The problem with placing buildings next to each other can be fixed. In my example, the floor object has 4 alterable values which determine the textures used on each of its 4 walls - you could just make it so that if a value is "-1", then you make that wall invisible. Or a better system would be to not create the walls in the first place, but that makes it harder to match the different objects.
Comment edited by Sketchy on 5/11/2011
Posted by Zephni 28th April, 2011

How come my buildings are blue?? really awesome btw
Posted by Hagar 2nd May, 2011

This really is some awesome work ! A klik GTA has always been something I would love to try or see (I did try in the past, with TGF 1 of all things...)
Posted by Emomiilol 9th May, 2011

Good job! =
Posted by Disthron 15th May, 2011

It looks really awsome but I get a "cannot find kcwctrl.mfx" error when I try to open it. Eccept I checked and it already has that mfx file in the extensions directory.
Posted by Sketchy 15th May, 2011

I would guess that's probably caused by you having a different version of the window control extension from me.
Anyway, that extension is not required (I was only using it to make the window double-sized), so I've removed it from this version:
Posted by Disthron 15th May, 2011

Got this working. I don't understand the math but it seems like a grate example.

Aaaa! I meant to put in a ratting but I forgot to tick that silly check box. *****
Comment edited by Disthron on 5/15/2011
Posted by Fanotherpg 6th June, 2011
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Well done Sketchy, like always Top Notch!
Posted by atlantis 29th June, 2011
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great example, Thanks, i was looking for somenthing like that for years... really!!!






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