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Custom Pathfinding Examples
Author: Sketchy Submitted: 19th April, 2013 Favourites:1
Genre: Engine Downloads: 1605

Edited By Sketchy on 4/19/2013

These examples require no extensions, and are therefore compatible with all exporters - incl. Android & iOS, for which no pathfinding extensions are available.

Example #1 - this is suitable for use in an Advance Wars / Fire Emblem clone. It includes variable terrain weights, highlighted movement range, and unit movement.

Example #2 - this is a more general pathfinding example, suitable for a wide range of applications. It uses the efficient A* (A-star) algorithm, and also includes both variable terrain weights and unit movement.


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Posted by Eternal Man [EE] 19th April, 2013

Really nice work!
Posted by HitmanN 22nd April, 2013

Nice. I might need to check this out in detail sometime, as one of my (currently halted) side projects will likely need grid-based pathfinding.
Posted by Yai7 25th April, 2013

In typical school in Israel you don't seems to learn sine, cosine and abs in that level... At least I didn't.
Posted by Alf Lerd 26th April, 2013
Rated :

Very Good, Thanks for share
Posted by UrbanMonk 26th April, 2013

Thanks for this!
Posted by nivram 7th May, 2013
Rated :

Great work my friend.

Posted by talon 14th May, 2013

Great! Can you optimize for flash?
Posted by LordHannu 3rd May, 2015
Rated :

nice work thanks man!





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