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3D Lighting Engine
Author: Sketchy Submitted: 5th January, 2012 Favourites:3
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Edited By Sketchy on 1/5/2012

This is based on my earlier GTA example, but with a lot of changes.
It makes heavy use of Werbad's 3D shader (included), so requires HWA to function.


* Pseudo-3D walls ( la Grand Theft Auto),
* Array-based map editor / loading,
* Improved performance and bug fixes,
* Darkness effect (screen fades to black at edges),
* 360 shadow-casting effect (casts accurate shadows on the ground),
* Line-of-sight effect (hides walls if there is no line-of-sight),
* Variable wall height (height must be the same for all walls though).

Controls: Arrow keys to move; +/- to raise/lower walls.

Review This Download!486&parid=B1E7EE094271BBDA!131&authkey=! (788 kkb )

Posted by Fanotherpg 5th January, 2012
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Could you provide executable in package as well? I don't have any way to check it at work, but I believe that after all changesit work like a dream.

Thanks for spending your time on it after my questions
Comment edited by Fanotherpg on 1/5/2012
Posted by Sketchy 5th January, 2012

The .exe is here:!487&parid=B1E7EE094271BBDA!131&authkey=!

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Posted by Jacob! 5th January, 2012
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Excellent. Great job!
Posted by viva/volt 6th January, 2012

This is actually great, first time I've ever seen an example like this I'd consider using.

If at some point in the future I want to make use of this, anything you want other than your name in the credits?
Posted by Sketchy 6th January, 2012

Thanks guys
As far as I'm concerned, you can do what you like with it - although I suppose you might have to check with Werbad about using his 3d shader if you were going to try and make any money out of it.

btw: I've just updated it slightly, which means it runs quite a bit faster now (70+fps). Thanks Fanotherpg
Posted by viva/volt 6th January, 2012

No sweat, I wouldn't be attempting to sell it anyway.

Update works great by the way, ~100 fps is possible on my laptop (which isn't a particularly amazing machine).
Posted by Fanotherpg 6th January, 2012
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I will check it later i was playing with andos lighting and lag in surface object push me away (i tried literally everything except manual position changer - will try it this evening).

Ut it's great to see how you improve it will all those suggestions from me.

Just to warn everyone ATM if _Height goes over 3 it will ruin the shader and you need to restart app to return all textures to normal - I trie to find work around for that.
Comment edited by Fanotherpg on 1/6/2012
Posted by Jacob! 7th January, 2012
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Whereever you're setting the _Height, change the code to min(oldcode, 3)
Posted by Fanotherpg 8th January, 2012
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Posted by Sketchy 8th January, 2012

The problem is actually caused by the roof objects being automatically destroyed when they are too far off-screen (the taller the blocks, the greater the offset from the floor objects).
Just untick "destroy object if too far from frame" to fix it.
Of course, unless the blocks are spaced very far apart, you'll have problems with the walls overlapping and not being properly layered, so it won't help you much.
Posted by Fanotherpg 8th January, 2012
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Damn it. I'm idiot. But I got some work around for the layers issue - set layer of walls depending on player position. Not so hard to implement and giving right effects.

Detectors could be used instead of zones, but I don't like wasting objects.
Posted by Hagar 8th January, 2012
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Thanks for the amazing work Sketchy!
Posted by Chrisbo 9th January, 2012

This looks awesome, however...anybody know where to actually get the latest HWA? I have MMF2 Dev and got a new computer, didn't backup my old HWA thinking I could just re-download, the links are broken in the clickteam forum though.
Posted by Sketchy 9th January, 2012

The latest build has HWA built-in - there's no longer a separate download.
However, the HWA features required for this to work may not be available, depending on the format you are exporting to (it definitely won't work with the iOS exporter, and probably not with Flash).
Posted by Tauman 27th January, 2012
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Augh, this is spiffy but I've been poking at it for a bit now and I can't figure out how to make it handle larger maps. I am a horrible array nub.





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